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Macube Cleaner: Best Mac Cleaner to Optimize Your Mac

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For people who frequently use Mac computer, such as working from home or studying online on a daily basis, the device should be kept in the best state on a regular basis. A well-designed and lightweight application focused on Mac optimization, Macube Cleaner is a program not to be missed if you are considering running your Mac with great stability and fast response speed.

Here’s everything you need to know about Macube Cleaner.

Introduction to Macube Cleaner

Macube cleaner is a handy application aimed at handling all kinds of Mac cleaning jobs. It can deeply detect your Mac computer and smartly sort the data, files and apps into different categories such as: system junk, large and old files, cache data, and so on. By checking them in groups, people would find that cleaning the Mac was an easy job to go through. Also equipped with the Smart Scan feature, it even provides a path for people to clear up disk space and free up Mac with just one chance. Keeping your Mac tidy and optimized on a regular basis can maintain or even optimize your Mac’s performance to give you a stable and smooth Mac using experience.

macube cleaner

Supported OS: macOS 10.10 or later

Prices: Free in the first 7 days ($8.95 for the monthly plan; $69.95 for the lifetime plan)

Rating: 4.5/5

Macube Cleaner: Features and Highlights

What can Macube Cleaner do for you in detail? With 7 essential cleaning functions, Macube Cleaner can solve most types of file, data and apps cleaning to bring you an optimized Mac computer again. Here are the details of the highlights:

smart scan – for people who want to clean Mac automatically to replace the manual manipulation, the Smart Scan mode just need one click to scan the whole device in depth and then sort the items as system junk and application cache to continue cleaning at once.

Large and old files – By cleaning up the files according to the size and creation date, people can easily sort the obsolete large files to regain tons of storage space again.

Duplicate Finder – the program can also smartly detect the duplicate files, folders, images and other items to give you access to remove such duplicates and free up a lot of space.

App uninstaller – all apps installed on Mac can be uninstalled easily where all related files and data can be removed with the Uninstaller feature of Macube Cleaner. It also works to remove the malware and greatly improve the security of your Mac.

Privacy protection – clean all your device browsing data including the cookies, browsing and download history of browsers to protect your privacy security.

Paper shredder – when you find a file that is difficult to delete, the file shredder can do you a favor to delete the malicious files at once.

Extension Manager – to remove some malicious browser extensions that can harm your computer, check and manage them in Macube Cleaner to protect the privacy of your device.

All the features in Macube Cleaner are easily accessible from the left navigation panel and the intuitive design also guarantees the easy manipulation to handle Mac optimization. You will not find it difficult to operate Macube Cleaner no matter what functions you will use in it.

Pros and Cons of Macube Cleaner

From both the pros and cons, this part will walk you through the details of the Macube Cleaner it can bring. Please look.


  • Extensive Mac cleaning features: the program has divided its cleaning functions for people of all needs to maintain the Mac devices lightly. From those large and old files, duplicated items, unused apps and more, you can proceed with the convenient cleaning within this single application.
  • Simple layout for easy manipulation: the simple user interface is also a highlight of the program as people don’t have to spend a lot of time to get familiar with it. All functions are easy to find on the navigation panel, which greatly facilitates efficiency.
  • Powerful Smart Scan to advance in one go: the program also equips the smart scan feature to automatically detect and sort files on Mac to reclaim storage space and high productivity in an instant.
  • Privacy protection tool available: To ensure the security of your personal data on Mac, the program provides corresponding options to protect privacy from leaks.
  • Quick Mac Cleanup: from scanning to cleaning process, Macube can run with the least amount of effort and speed to make Mac optimization an effortless job.


  • Only the first 7 days free: Macube Cleaner provides free access to all features for the first 7 days without any restrictions.
  • Lack of antivirus programs: Although this program offers extensive functions for cleaning the Mac, it does not integrate with antivirus functions to scan malware or viruses from your Mac.

How To Optimize Your Mac With Macube Cleaner

The operations are similar when you use different features of Macube Cleaner, and you can easily manipulate the Mac optimization by following the guide step by step. Let’s take the Smart Scan function as an example.

Step 1. Install Macube Cleaner and select Smart Scan

Install Macube Cleaner on your Mac computer first. Once completed, open the program and you will be in the main feed of the Smart Scan feature by default.

Step 2. Proceed to Thoroughly Scan Your Mac

Tap the Smart Scan button in the center. Then Macube Cleaner will launch the scanning function and thoroughly sort the data and files on Mac for you.


Step 3. Select data category or files to delete

Once Macube Cleaner has completed the scanning process, it will list all data and file categories in the program. Now select the one you want to clean and optimize your Mac.

smart scan results

Step 4. Confirm to clean your Mac

Finally, tap the Clean button to start the cleanup process. Once the useless data and files are removed from your Mac, performance can be optimized in no time.

cleaning completed


Macube Cleaner is a relatively niche but powerful Mac prep program to help with day-to-day optimization processing. The various features are all helpful to keep a tidy Mac in the sense that the device continues to run at faster speed and more stable performance. For people who don’t want complicated operations at all, Smart Scan is certainly a nice feature to automatically optimize the Mac. Why not buy Macube Cleaner and start the 7-day free trial from now on?


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