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Maggie Bell Leaves, OA Faces New Issues In “Ghost From The Past”

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Unfortunately, Special Agent Maggie Bell will make his final appearance in FBI Season 4 Episode 20, so we can expect a storyline centered around her. As we know she suffers from nerve damage which will affect her despite getting therapy. Meanwhile, OA will deal with his past when a similar case appears in the upcoming episode. Can he handle the case? Let’s see.

FBI Season 4 Episode 20 Preview: What Happens Next?

So far, we know that Missy Peregrym, who plays Special Agent Maggie Bell, is resting due to nerve damage. But in reality, she went on maternity leave and FBI Season 4 Episode 20 will be her last episode of this season. But she promised to return in the fifth season. It hints that the FBI is all set to return with the fifth season.

Speaking of episode 20, a killer killed a TSA agent. The killer uses drug couriers to fiddle with airport security checks. However, it appears that the person has some connection to terrorism. Meanwhile, OA finds herself in a difficult situation after being exposed to the sarin gas. Furthermore, he goes back to the memory strip on the 10th anniversary of the death of his army friend in Afghanistan.

A quick summary!

In the previous episode, titled “Face-Off,” Agent Valentine instructed her team on a new mission involving a serial killer. It seemed that the killer was only targeting women in power. He broke into them in the middle of the night and killed them with a knife. The recent attack took place at the home of presenter Maria Blake, where he killed her. However, her wife, Olivia, survived the attack. In the nick of time, their daughter called 911 for their help. Special Agent Nina Chase replaced Maggie in this case.

This is because Agent Bell suffered nerve damage, and now she’s getting physical therapy. But OA believed she would return soon because she was a fighter. Agents Scola and Chase were reminded of their past, but they didn’t want it to affect their case. Meanwhile, SSA Deon Marshall joined Castille in the serial killer case. Unfortunately, the killer left no DNA, but they discovered similarities to the knife.

FBI Season 4 Episode 20: Release Date

FBI Season 4 Episode 20, titled “Ghost From The Past,” will air on CBS only on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 8/7c. The all-new episode follows a weekly release schedule that airs every Tuesday night. You can also watch FBI on the official CBS website and on Paramount+. Furthermore, the show is also available to stream on demand on Fubo TV, Sling TV, DirecTV and YouTube TV. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 keeps you informed.

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