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Maharashtra: Watch what happened when the bear and leopard came face to face in the video – Leopard in front of bear in tadoba tiger reserve chandrapur lclg

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A spectacular video has emerged from Tadoba Tiger Reserve located in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. The video has been recorded by a tourist who had come to visit the tiger reserve. In the video, a female leopard and a giant bear are seen coming face to face. The video is fast going viral on social media. People who are liking it a lot and are also sharing it fiercely.

Actually, Ranjit Mandal had gone on a safari to Tadoba Tiger Reserve a few days ago. When he reached the Kolara buffer zone with other tourists, a leopard was drinking water from the pond at that time. At the same time, the giant bear reached there. As soon as the leopard and the bear came face to face, the bear stood on its feet.

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the panther became a fetish

Seeing the giant bear in front of him, the leopard became like a statue. It is visible in the video that as soon as the bear stands on its feet, the leopard gets scared. The bear then takes a few steps forward and gets to its feet again. After this the leopard escapes from there and the bear comes near the pond.

it was a thrilling moment

Tourist Ranjit Mandal, who recorded the video, says that he has been going on safari for 27 years. But he has seen this for the first time. He further said that he along with other tourists were waiting to see the tiger. Then went to the place where the leopard and its children were present. The female leopard was seen and only then the bear came there. Neither of them harmed each other and went their separate ways. The bear was huge.

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