Man kills woman for spending too much time making social media in TN Tiruppur, detained

A 38-year-old man killed his wife in Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu because he was angry because she was spending too much time making coils on social media platforms. He strangled her Sunday night with her scarf.

Pramod Madhavi

Tirupura,UPDATED: November 8, 2022 08:45 AM IST

Arrested suspect in handcuffs.

A man has been arrested for murdering his wife in Tiruppur, TN. (Representative image)

By Pramod Madhav: A 38-year-old man killed his wife on Sunday evening by strangling her with her scarf. He was upset because she spent too much time creating roles on social media platforms. The incident took place in the Tiruppur district of Tamil Nadu and the man has been arrested.

38-year-old Amirthalingam from Dindugal was married to Chithra and lived in Sellam Nagar in Tiruupur. He worked as a day laborer in the vegetable market of Thennam Palayam.

His wife, Chithra, worked in a clothing factory and she was in the habit of posting roles on TikTok and Instagram. Amirthalingam had argued with Chithra several times over her habit of posting roles and had complained that she was spending too much time on it.

After gaining more followers and contacts, Chithra decided to pursue an acting career. She had left for Chennai two months ago. She had 33.3K followers on her Instagram account.

She had returned last week to attend her daughter’s wedding. After the event, she prepared to leave for Chennai, but Amirthalingam did not want her to go.

An argument is said to have broken out on Sunday night over Chithra’s habit of uploading roles and wanting to be in movies. The confrontation turned ugly and Amirthalingam strangled Chithra with her scarf. When she passed out, Amirthalingam panicked and left the house. He told his daughter that he had beaten Chithra.

When Chithra’s daughter went to check on her, Chithra was found dead. She informed the police, who recovered Chithra’s body and arrested Amirthalingam in Perumanallur.

Further investigations are underway.

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