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Marjan’s Dangerous Plan to Stop Faraz in “Moshe Zonder & Omri Shenhar”!

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In the final episode of Tehran Season 2, Faraz feared the exchange and threatened a witness with a revolver who he believes knows something about Tamar. And Ali advised Faraz to take Nahid to a mental institution, citing his own problems. However, the next episode will bring more drama as Marjan will go to great lengths to stop Faraz in Tehran season 2 episode 3.

What Happens in Tehran Season 2 Episode 3?

The upcoming episode in the second season of Tehran, written by Moshe Zonder & Omri Shenhar, is titled “Moshe Zonder & Omri Shenhar”. Thanks to the official synopsis released by Apple TV, we’ve got a glimpse of what’s to come in the episode. In the next episode, out of desperation, Marjan will take a dangerous step to prevent Faraz from inflicting further damage on his plans. On the other hand, in her attempt to get to General Qasemi, Tamar will find a way to get close to Mohammadi.

Meanwhile, here’s the episode’s official synopsis: “Marjan is determined to neutralize Faraz and makes a risky move. Tamar finds a way to get closer to Mohammadi. Milad starts acting irresponsibly.”

What happened in the last episode!

The second episode of Tehran Season 2 was titled Change Of Plan. In the episode, we saw Tamar’s devastating reaction to the brutal murders of her aunt and uncle. On the other side, Faraz followed Milad and he told Ali to surprise him. However, Milad managed to run away when Tamar came, and they both escaped, but not before Faraz saw them both. Tamar was reluctant to go because she blamed herself for the murders.

Tehran Season 2 Episode 3

On the other hand, Milad was told to leave and she would see him in Canada. He will, predictably, not leave. Faraz was visited by General Qasem while he was at home with his wife, Nahid, who was becoming unstable by the second. In the meantime Marjan has met Tamar. Marjan had thought she would never see her again. She also shared that she had lost loved ones. Tamar said she didn’t get in the truck, which piqued her interest.

However, she did have a strategy for reaching General Qasem. She will get close to his son Vahid and use him to gain access to General Qasem. Finally Marjan dialed Yulia’s number. Tamar, she thought, was more motivated than anyone she’d ever met. However, Yulia had two problems. Faraz came first. And they had to stop doing that. Milad, second. Yulia claimed he put them all in danger if he was around.

When and where can you watch Tehran Season 2 Episode 3?

Tehran Season 2 Episode 3

The final episode of Tehran Season 3 will air on May 6, 2022. Meanwhile, fans have been waiting a week for more of the weekly dose of action in the Apple TV+ drama. And the wait is almost over; Tehran Season 2 Episode 3 will return to our screens in a few hours. To watch the episode, you can watch it Friday, May 13 on Apple TV+. The streaming platform is accessible for a subscription fee of $4.99 per month in the US.

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