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Meet Claudia Rose Pfeiffer: Untold Details About The Adopted Daughter Of An American Actress Michelle Pfeiffer

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Claudia Rose Pfeiffer is the adopted daughter of Hollywood actress and producer Michelle Pfeiffer. Her mother is best known for her movies such as Big sky, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Murder on the Orient Expressand French exit. The actress also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007.

Claudia was adopted by the famous actress Big Sky when she was only one month old. Later, 8 months after her adoption, her adoptive mother tied the knot with television writer and producer David E. Kelley. Did David, her mother’s husband, accept her as his daughter after marriage? By the way, who are Claudia’s biological parents?

Today let’s take a look at the details of the star child Claudia Rose Pfeiffer alongside information about her parents, siblings, age and much more.

Claudia Rose Pfeiffer is Michelle Pfeiffer’s adopted child: her adoption history

As we mentioned, Claudia is the adopted child of Michelle Pfeiffer. The veteran actress adopted Rose when Michelle was single and had yet to meet her future husband David.

Claudia Rose Pfeiffer will be 29 years old in 2022
Baby Claudia Rose Pfeiffer with her mother. Source: Her Instagram

In this regard, her mother related,

“The adoption process was already underway when he (David) and I met. So when she (Claudia) came along, he and I had only been together for about two months.”

In March 1993, Claudia legally became Michelle’s daughter and was also given the surname Pfeiffer. Later, when her adoptive mother exchanged vows with American television writer David, he decided to officially adopt her and became her legal father.

At the time of her adoption, she was a newborn baby, just one month old. According to this detail, she was born in the month of February 1993. As of 2023, she is 29 years old. She grew up in the house of her adoptive parents with all the love and care along with her sibling, John Henry Kelly.

Moreover, she is American in nationality and belongs to a mixed race.

Claudia was baptized at her parents’ wedding

About 8 months after her adoption, she still wasn’t given a name and finally, when Claudia turned nine months old, her mother sent Michelle an invitation to her baptism ceremony.

Although the invitation passed among relatives as a naming ceremony, it was in fact her parents’ wedding that her mother had to explain to the guests days before her wedding.

In November 1993, her parents Michelle and David walked down the aisle and the same day in the afternoon the little baby was christened and named Claudia Rose Pfeiffer.

Claudia Rose Pfeiffer Has One Sibling: Is He Also Adopted?

Claudia has a little brother named John Henry Kelly II. Her younger sibling, John, is the biological son of her parents Michelle and David E. Kelley. He was born on August 5, 1994, and is 28 years old as of 2023.

Claudia Rose Pfeiffer has a brother
Little Claudia Rose Pfeiffer with her brother and mother. Source: Instagram

Both have a great bond. In an interview, her mother revealed that Claudia has a close relationship with her brother. Regarding the bond between brother and sister, the proud mother shared:

“They’ve been close all their lives, and they’re close in age too. But don’t get me wrong: they have their moments of sibling conflict.”

Her educational records

According to reports, Claudia is an MA graduate in Russian literature. In May 2021, she received her MPhil degree in Slavic Language from Columbia University. Claudia is on the list Columbia’s Graduate List in the Slavic language department by the name of Claudia Kelley.

The celebrity kid completed her bachelor’s degree in Slavic languages ​​and literature magna cum laude from Princeton University.

Pfeiffer’s mother, Michelle faced racism by adopting her

Her mother, Michelle, is white and when she adopted a mixed-race child, she experienced racism. In an exclusive conversation, she expressed her shock at the prejudices that arose with the arrival of Claudia in her life. She told,

“I was shocked by the prejudice expressed in some circles about my decision to adopt a mixed-race baby. It’s really amazing that people still put so much emphasis on it. None of us are pure anything. We are all a mix.

The actress further praised her daughters, telling them that she always wanted to have an adopted child.

Claudia is a beautiful child and some of the most beautiful people I’ve seen in the world were mixed race. I always knew I wanted to adopt a child and have one of my own. There is no difference at all.

Seeing this, we can say with certainty that Michelle is undoubtedly a loving mother to her daughter Claudia.

Who is Claudia Rose Pfeiffer’s biological father?

As mentioned earlier, Claudia was adopted by the Scarface actress as a newborn baby. She has been separated from her biological parents since birth, so there is no information about Claudia’s biological father and mother.

Meanwhile, from the age of one month, she was allowed to experience parental love from her adopted mom and dad.

Claudia Rose Pfeiffer is a daughter of David E. Kelley
Claudia Rose Pfeiffer with her adoptive parents.

Talking about her father David, he is an American television writer, producer and former lawyer. He is also one of the few screenwriters to have created shows that have aired on all four major commercial U.S. television networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC). David is best known as the creator of Boston public, Ally McBeal, Mr Mercedes, Big skyand several other movies.

Professional career: what is Claudia Rose Pfeiffer doing?

Moving towards her career, many sources reported that she is an actress just like her mother. But there are no details about her career as an actress. To date, she has rarely appeared with her parents and has been quiet about her professional life.

Although her mother has spoken about her several times in the media, she has never said anything about Claudia’s career. She usually lives out of the spotlight.

Personal life: Is Claudia Rose Pfeiffer in a relationship with anyone?

Despite belonging to a celebrity family, Claudia has led an incredibly quiet life at the moment. Moreover, she is also not active on social media handles and very rarely appeared in the media world.

So, in the midst of all these, it’s really hard to trace whether the celeb kid is dating someone or not. However, it is possible that the lady who gets closer when she turns 30 years old is in a relationship. Still, since there’s no authentic news, let’s assume Claudia is single.

Claudia is intelligent and eager to learn

While she prefers to live out of the spotlight, we sometimes hear about her from her famous mother, Michelle. She has made her mother extremely proud of how she has grown over the years. As a result, Michelle, Claudia’s actress mom, never gets tired of praising her.

Claudia Rose Pfeiffer is curious
Claudia Rose Pfeiffer on one side and her famous mother on the other

In an interview, the actress was all praise for her daughter, saying:

“Boy, there’s nothing typical about my girl. She is a force to be reckoned with, and a wonderful human being.

Michelle went on to say that she always wanted her daughter to grow up independent and outspoken, which she has become. In this regard, Claudia’s proud mother stated:

She is also very creative and curious. And the exciting thing about this age is that she really comes into her own. She is everything I hoped she would be.”

The Big Sky actress Michelle is truly a proud mom.

Where is Claudia Rose now?

As mentioned earlier, she is a private person. So there are not many details about her current life. At this point, she must have lived somewhere in the United States. The only thing we know for sure is that she enjoys a great life with her parents.

Though Claudia doesn’t talk much about her current life, sometimes her mother shares pictures of her on her social media. The last time the mother-daughter duo hung out was on June 19, 2021 when her mom posted her photo to her Instagram and captioned it:

Into the city with my girl ❤️

In a red dress and with her curly natural hair, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Her net worth

Claudia Rose Pfeiffer reportedly has an estimated net worth of $100,000. On the other hand, her famous parents, Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley both have a fortune of $250 million.


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