Meet Sydney Brooke Simpson, OJ’ Daughter: What Will She Do in 2023?

Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of P.B. Simpson and his late wife, Nicole Simpson. Sydney came into the limelight after her mother was found dead and authorities arrested her father OJ for his apparent involvement.

Since then, Sydney disappeared from the media and didn’t really care about being in the limelight. The star child previously always tried to stay off the media radar.

Her secretive nature has led many people to know what Sydney Simpson is doing these days? Is Sydney dating someone or is she already married? What was her life like after her mother’s death? We have all the answers here. Let’s start!

Sydney Brooke Simpson is the eldest of OJ’s two children with his second wife

Sydney was born on October 17, 1985 to father P.B. Simpson and mother Nicole Brown Simpson. She has a brother named Justin Ryan Simpson who was born in 1988.

Her parents got married on February 2, 1985. They first met in a nightclub, where Nicole worked as a waitress.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Father Mother Brother
Sydney Brooke Simpson with her parents and younger brother, Source: E-News

Despite being married to his first wife, he started dating Nicole. His extramarital affair with Nicole led to his first marriage Marguerite L. Whitley to an end and he divorced her in March 1979.

One of Sydney’s three half-siblings died from drowning

Sydney Brooke has three half-siblings, Arnelle L. Simpson, Jason Lamar Simpsonand Aren Lashone Simpson. Brooke’s youngest half-sister, Aaren, was only two years old when she died after drowning in a family swimming pool in 1979.

Sydney Simpson half siblings
OJ Simpson with his first wife and their two children. Source: Refinery

As of 2023, Arnelle is 55 years old (born 1968) and Jason is 53 years old (born 1970).

Sydney’s mother was found dead at her LA home

Nicole, Sydney’s mother, was found dead on June 12, 1994, along with another person outside her home in Brentwood, LA. Local police discovered 35-year-old Brown and her boyfriend Ron Goldmana 25-year-old restaurant waiter body with multiple knife wounds.

Authorities revealed that Brown lay in a fetal position in a pool of blood, while the autopsy report showed she had been stabbed seven times in the neck and scalp. She also had a 14 cm long cut in her throat.

Sydney’s father, OJ Simpson, was arrested and charged with both murders, but his charges were cleared by a jury after a lengthy trial.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Parents were divorced before her mother’s death

Sydney’s parents got married in 1985 and lived happily married for a few years. OJ and Nicole Brown also gave birth to two children in quick succession. However, in the late 1980s, their married life began to run into trouble.

In 1989, Nicole sued her then-husband for abuse. But Simpson made no plea to contest the spousal abuse. Three years later, in 1992, Nicole filed for divorce on February 25. She cited irreconcilable differences as the cause of their divorce. They even tried to rekindle their relationship, but it didn’t work so naturally.

After her parents’ divorce, Sydney has remained closed with her father and mother.

Her father is a former football player

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s father, OJ Simpson, is a well-known former football player. He started his journey in professional football in 1969 in Buffalo Bills. After an average number of seasons as a running back, he was assigned to perform blocking and receiving duties.

Former football player OJ Simpson during his playing days
Former football player OJ Simpson during his playing time, Source: Pinterest

Simpson later became the first player to break the coveted 2,000 yard mark in 1973. He finished the season with 2,003 total rushing yards and 12 touchdowns.

In addition to his football career, Simpson is also an actor with dozens of film and TV credits. He had a role in the movie The towering inferno (1974) along with some now deceased superstars like Steve McQueen, William Holdenand more.

Sydney graduated from Boston University

OJ’s daughter completed her secondary education at Gulliver’s Academy. She then enrolled at Boston University and graduated in May 2010 with a BA in Sociology from the school’s College of Arts and Sciences. E! NewsBrooke joined the school during move-in weekend in 2004.

What is Sydney Brooke Simpson doing in 2023? She is a self-established businesswoman

Sydney and her brother Justin have worked hard to establish themselves in their respective careers. After graduation, Sydney spent some time in Atlanta, Georgia before moving to St. Petersburg, Florida

As of now, Sydney Brooke Simpson runs a company, Simpsy LLC with her brother. Her company manages three properties she owns in the area. According to records, the company was incorporated on September 11, 2014.

Her brother is a successful real estate agent

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s brother Justin was two months shy of his sixth birthday when his mother was fatally stabbed.

After his traumatic childhood, Justin has become a successful real estate agent. At 32 years old, Justin is an up and coming real estate agent listed on Coldwell Banker Homes of St. Petersburg, Fla.

OJ Simpson's son, Justin Ryan Simpson
Sydney’s brother Justin Ryan Simpson, Source: Extra

Besides, the youngest OJ Simpson boy shows great passion for his career on his social media posts. He often talks about his flair for real estate on Twitter while running a separate business page on Facebook.

Sydney Brooke Simpson got into the real estate business just like her brother

Like her brother, Sydney has also entered the real estate industry. The company she owns is called Simpsy Properties, LLC, and it deals with real estate of all kinds. The brother and sister founded the company in 2019 and Justin even posted a Twitter post about their news company.

Based in St. Petersburg, Fla, the company had acquired more than 13 properties by 2017. According to the reports, most of the properties were in low-income areas ranging from $35,000 to $215,000.

Hopefully she does pretty well in all her business.

Sydney Brooke Simpson reportedly dated former St. Petersburg city council candidate

In 2017, the New York Post published an article claiming that Sydney Simpson had a romantic connection with a politician. The outlet reported that she was dating then St. Petersburg city council candidate, Robert Blackmon.

Blackmon had also talked about Sydney in the Post, saying she “supported me selflessly and wasn’t worried about herself.”

Sydney Brooke Simpson friend Robert Blackmon
Sydney Brooke Simpson and Robert Blackmon were rumored to be dating, Source: Daily Mail

Meanwhile, just a day after NY Post published the article, Blackmon publicly denied dating Simpson. He spoke to the Florida local Tampa Bay Times and said he wasn’t dating Simpson. “She’s a good friend of mine, but we’re not going out,” Blackmon said.

Sydney had a boyfriend at school

When Simpson was in school, she was reportedly in a relationship with a man, her ex-boyfriend named Stuart Lee. The couple dated for more than 5 years from 2007 to 2012.

Well, in 2019, her ex-partner got into the media where he talked about the murder that happened 20 years ago and also about his ex-girlfriend Sydney. He talked about how good a girl she is and about her nature in general. He said,

Sydney is a very good girl and she has a good head on her shoulders. She’s not lazy. She works very hard.

The former couple had met at Boston University and moved to Atlanta together after graduation, where they worked as event coordinators at the luxurious Atlanta restaurant The Canoe.

Is Sydney married?

As of 2023, Sydney has remained unmarried. In fact, she hasn’t even revealed her wedding plans yet.

Considering that she is already 37, chances are she will get married soon in case she is not already in a secret marital relationship.

Her net worth in 2023

According to sources, OJ Simpson’s daughter Sydney, who currently resides in Los Angeles, has a net worth of $1.2 million in 2023. She earns money from her multiple works, especially her thriving business career plays the main role in her net worth.


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