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Melanie Rauscher died at age 35

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Melanie Rauscher, star of the reality show Naked and Afraid, was found dead on July 17 near Prescott, Arizona. According to the stories, she was sitting as a dog in someone’s house when she died next to several cleaning cans of compressed air.

The local police suspect no malicious intent and no suicide note has been found. There was also no evidence of drug paraphernalia in the house. They also reported that the dog they were caring for was discovered unharmed. According to Prescott Police Department spokesman Corey Kasun, the body was discovered by the homeowners after they returned from vacation.

Learn more about Melanie Rauscher’s unexplained death

When the owners of the house where Melanie Rauscher cared for the dog returned from vacation on July 17, they discovered her body. The body was discovered in the guest room, near cans of compressed air. It is not yet known whether the cans were in the room before Raucscher’s visit. According to local media, the Prescott police are still investigating whether the deceased 35-year-old swallowed the compressed air in some cans. Breathing canned air is extremely harmful, according to PubMed Central, due to its highly toxic composition. The ingested toxic components can cause serious heart problems, choking on one’s own vomit, liver damage, coma, brain damage, suffocation and a variety of other deadly conditions. According to reports, the Yavapai County medical examiner will perform an autopsy to determine the official cause of death.

Melanie Rauscher

All about Melanie Rauscher

The late reality TV actress was most remembered for her involvement in the seventh season of Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, which featured survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts. Melanie Rauscher made her debut in the series in 2017 and also participated in the fourth season of the spin-off Naked and Afraid XL from the original show. According to some stories, she was a member of the Naked and Afraid series for two seasons. Melanie Elizabeth Rauscher was born on December 18, 1986 to Daniel T. and Catherine A. Rauscher, according to Camino Del Sol’s obituary. Sisters Jeanette, Rebecca and Alexis survive the former reality star.

The Philadelphia native attended Kennedy-Kenrick High School before attending Old Dominion University in Virginia. The late Naked and Afraid participant was also a Navy veteran who served on the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-17 during the Iraq War. However, the specific position she held and other particulars of her service in the Navy were unclear at the time.

Melanie Rauscher

Melanie Rauscher apparently worked at Prescott VA Medical Center before her untimely death. According to the Camino Del Sol obituary:

“She was an avid outdoorsman who loved nature and all animals, big and small.” Melanie loved camping and hiking, and she looked for adventure everywhere. Melanie also liked to push herself, which prompted her to appear in “Naked & Afraid” and “XL”. Mel was an avid athlete who was very active in local adult competitions. She was an avid supporter of Eagles. She was a natural comedian with an unparalleled sense of humor.”

Melanie Rauscher was also featured on the platform as being affiliated with the PTSD Foundation of America. According to their statements, a memorial ceremony for the deceased outdoor enthusiast would be held in Philadelphia in October. However, it is not known whether this event will also be open to the public.


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