Michael Stevens’ (Vsauce) Net worth, wife, height

Who is Michael Stevens?

Michael Stevens is quite a multi-talented personality – he is not only a public speaker and educator, but a entertainercomedian and a popular YouTuber, who is most popular for his channel vsauce, known for its diverse content on scientific, philosophical, psychological and gaming topics and a variety of other topics. While his channel currently has over 15.5 million subscribers, Michael is also widely recognized as the creator of YouTube Premium’s web documentary series entitled “Ghost field“.

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Early life and education

Michael David Stevens was born under the astrological sign of Aquarius, on the 23rd January 1986, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, in the family of a teaching assistant and a chemical engineer. He is of American nationality, white ethnicity. He has a sister named Melissa. During his time at Blue Valley High School, he was regularly involved in the drama club and various informational speech programs. After graduating, he enrolled at the University of Chicago, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2008, majoring in neuropsychology with a second major in English literature.

Early career

Michael joined YouTube in July 2007 and began producing short video clips under the moniker poolicker888, and soon after caught the attention of Funny or Die and CollegeHumor. Later that year, under the moniker CamPain2008, Stevens began uploading dubbed and “overlapping” comedy videos about the upcoming presidential election.

After being approached by YouTube’s Head of Comedy, Ben Relles, Michael joined the comedy channel Barely Political (currently known as The Key of Awesome).

Michael Stevens

Between 2008 and 2010, he regularly contributed to the channel’s content while at the same time being a member of a web TV company Next New Networks, later renamed The YouTube Next Lab and Audience Development Group.


In the summer of 2010, Stevens launched his own YouTube channel called vsauce. In its early stages, it was mainly focused on video games and game culture, with several series such as V-LIST, LÜT, IMG and DONG, later renamed D!NG).

Don’t just want to create Educational content, but to present it as a logical journey in a fun yet tantalizing way by ‘celebrating curiosity about extraordinary questions‘, Stevens launched two more channels – Vsauce 2 and Vsauce3 – to which he shifted all his video game related videos vsauce free and open to educational discussion content.

Some of his most popular videos to date are “Travel IN A Black Hole” released in March 2012 and viewed over 27 million times, followed by “Is the Earth actually flat?” with nearly 30 million views since its release in December 2014, and “What if everyone jumped at once?” which was released in August 2012 and has more than 31 million views to date.

Among a variety of topics, Stevens has covered some intriguing and unusual questions, such as “Is the 5-second rule true?”, “What if the sun disappeared?”, “Why do we kiss?” or “What color is a mirror?” to name a few. The channel’s content is immersed in numerous thematic playlists, including physics, space exploration, human behavior, perception, technology and cool experiments and much more.

vsauce is YouTube’s most popular educational channel, currently hosting more than 360 videos that have racked up over 1.8 billion views.

He has also collaborated with several other celebrities and media personalities such as Chris Pratt, Bill Nye, Derek Muller and David Attenborough. Michael is known for his catchphrase “Hey vsauce, Michael here” which he starts each video with. He has been honored with two Webby Awards, in 2014 and 2016, and a Streamy Award in 2015.

Public speaker

Between 2012 and 2016, Stevens served as content strategist for Google’s London headquarters. In 2013, he collaborated with TED, and soon after presented two TED lectures, including “How Much Does a Video Weigh?” at TEXActive and at TEDxVienna, where he covered the topic “Why do we ask questions?” treated.

In addition, as a public speaker Michael has collaborated with companies and organizations such as the MIPTV Media Market, Novo Nordisk, Adweek and the Edinburgh International Television Festival, to name a few.

“Mind Field” web series

2017, Michael Stevens worked with a manufacturer, special effects maker and “MythBuster” Adam Savage, with whom he was on the “Brain Candy LiveTour the states, with the duo visiting more than 40 cities and performing a two-hour science-based live show.

In January 2017, aided by the partnership of YouTube Red (today referred to as YouTube Premium), Michael created and launched his own documentary series entitled “Ghost field” and aimed at exploring different aspects of human behavior, with a special focus on brain and consciousness. The show received positive reviews from viewers and is currently in its fourth season.

Private life

Michael has a toned body, is 1.72 m tall and weighs about 77 kg.

Not much is known about his private life, except that he has been since 2016 married to Marnie, with whom he welcomed their first-born child — daughter Maeve — in August 2019.

Net value

It is estimated by sources that Michael Stevens’ net worth is around a pretty impressive $6 million as of mid-2020, plus assets like the estate in Los Angeles’ Beachwood Canyon, valued at $2.19 million. His wealth is in the first place acquired through his YouTube channel Vsauce, which has been in business for almost 20 years.


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