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Michelle Viscusi (Top Shot) Bio: Husband, Family, Net Worth

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Michelle Viscusi attracted a lot of attention when she made her appearance in “Top Shot” as a contestant on season four. In addition to being admired for her appearance on the show and her subsequent modeling work for Maxim Magazine, Michelle has a lot of depth and has worked hard to build a remarkable career. Michelle has a military background where she first learned to shoot a rifle and hone her skills, but it wasn’t until her appearance in “Top Shot” that she decided to focus her energies on competitive shooting. Viscusi is brimming with personality, with a range of tattoos, active modeling work and owning a gun shop.

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Early life and family

Michelle Viscusi was born on March 23, 1990 in Arizona, USA. While she has not shared any information about her mother or siblings, if she has any, she has revealed that her father was a police officer. Michelle was heavily involved in gymnastics growing up and became very adept at the sport. It wasn’t until her father took the family to a shooting range and taught them all the basics of using guns that she realized she wanted to follow his path.


As soon as Michelle graduated from high school, she dropped out of gymnastics and enlisted in the United States Army.

Michelle wanted to be a police officer and eventually a federal agent, and thought the best way to get there was to join the Army National Guard, which she did at age 19.


military background

Viscusi served as a army police officer as part of border control from 2009 to 2011. During her military training, Michelle Viscusi discovered her prowess with a rifle and began to enjoy the rigor of practice and gun care. She told Guns and Ammo that “I also wanted to improve myself as a person and I knew that would happen if I went through so many months of basic training.” After more than five months of basic and AIT training, Michelle was able to join the Joint Counter Narcotics Task Force.

Michelle Viscusi

As a member of the border control, her task was more focused on observation and reporting, but it was while she was on active duty that she got the chance to appear on “Top Shot”. She even remembers the struggle she went through to make an audition video while stationed at the border.

History channel

top shot” was a weapons competition show that aired on the History Channel from June 6, 2010 to August 28, 2013, for a total of five seasons. The show pitted up to 18 experienced and professional shooters against each other and eliminated them one at a time until a winner was left. The group is divided into two teams before the start of the competition and given tasks to assess their proficiency with a wide variety of weapons.

The teams are first introduced to the weapon that is the focus of the challenge – which can range from a pistol to an ax – and are given short access to a professional and time to train. The two teams then compete and the losing team selects two individuals to send to elimination. The elimination round works much the same, with a training period and then a competition, after which the loser is sent straight home.

Michelle Viscusi appeared in the show’s fourth season in 2014, but was eliminated in the third episode after her team lost a ‘Double Tap’ challenge. Michelle then failed in the elimination round, where she and the other contestant had to roll three wheels on a 10.7m track, propelling them with boxing shots and finally with bullets.

Even though she was knocked out so early in the competition, it gave Michelle the first glimpse of what she wanted to do with her career.


Michelle Viscusi started her modeling career right after her appearance on Top Shot. Her first job was a shoot for MAXIM, of which she is extremely proud. She also won the chance to be the spokesperson for Red Star Arms, a path she still follows. Explaining to Guns and Ammo why she is so passionate about her ability to combine modeling and gunning, Michelle said: “Modeling is great too! It’s nice to dress up in different outfits and still be around guns during the shoots I do.”


In 2013, Michelle was able to join the Glock team and finally started to find her way in her competitive shooting career. Since then she has won more than ten remarkable titles. She started in 2013 when she won USPSA Area Production 7 Division High Lady, USPSA Area Production 8 Division High Lady and Florida Open Production Division High Lady. Most recently, she won the 2019 IPSC Nationals Standard High Lady. Her teammates are Ashley Rheuark, winner of the 2019 Back Up Guns National Champion and 17 other titles, and Shane Coley, also ex-serviceman.

Defense Depot

Michelle Viscusi opened Defense Depot on June 1, 2015, partnering with some of the best names in the industry to build a stable online business.

The company’s logo mimics the tattoo Michelle placed on her side of two pistols to form the letter “M.” The store has everything from ammunition and gun oil to training and autographed posters, and brands such as Tartan Tactical, FireClean, and Atlanta Arms. Michelle continues to perform and advise women on how to make a name for themselves in the industry.

Private life


Michelle gave birth to her daughter in 2014 and married her husband, Mac, a year later, whom she calls “the love of my life.” They have since had another child, but choose to keep their family life away from the public eye.


In a 2012 interview with MAXIM, Michelle revealed that her tattoos had a lot of meaning to her. Although she only had six tattoos at the time, it is very likely that she has gotten more since then. Of the tattoos she had at the time, the rose and gladiolus on her shoulder were meant to represent her parents, while the ‘Assist. To protect. Defend.” on her forearm represent her desire to be involved in law enforcement and use her skills to make the world a better place. The pair of guns on her side in the shape of the letter “M”, on which the Defense Depot logo is based , she got when she was 18.


Michelle Viscusi has dark brown eyes and dark hair that she wears a little longer than shoulder length.

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She has tanned skin and a toned and fit body – which makes it unsurprising that she caught the attention of magazines such as Maxim, who captioned her photoshoot: “Military cop Michelle Viscusi made the History channel sexier when she appeared on his show”top shot.”

Net worth and salary

Michelle earns a notable salary for her activities as part of the Glock team, describing her trips to target shooting for My Gun Culture as “There’s usually a pile of cash waiting in my seat, along with champagne.” She also runs a successful online arms supply company, Defense Depot, and has a steady modeling career. Michelle has an estimated net worth of nearly $1 million, as of mid-2020.


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