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Most Anticipated Netflix Originals Series Coming in 2022

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Most Anticipated Netflix Originals Series Coming in 2022: It’s time to get over 2021… at least to some extent. Because another year in the calendar of Netflix Originals has come with plenty of surprises which once revealed will win all your attention.

In 2021, on your favorite streaming media Netflix, you got a new show like ‘Squid Game’ that made you forget about every other show while you were binge-watching it or a new season of old series like ‘Sex Education’ that ultimately satisfied your patience to see the on-screen romance of the couple you were rooting for so long. And knowing Netflix, 2022 is also not going to lag behind your expectation- that’s for sure.

On one hand renewed seson of acclaimed series like ‘Ozark’, ‘The Crown’, ‘Stranger Things’ and on another hand spin-off your beloved ‘The Witcher’ along with a number of new originals waiting to surprise you will definitely make this year your Netflix journey a super exciting one.

Here are the Most Anticipated Netflix Originals Series Coming in 2022 worthy to be on your streaming wish list:

1. Ozark-

Premiere date: Part 1- January 21, 2022; Part 2- To be Announced

It was July 21 of 2017 that Marty and Wendy came on-screen only to eventually be our favorite criminal couple. Now as their money laundering journey is coming to an end(already on-screen), they are still our favorite. That’s right. The fourth and final season of this nail-biting thriller is coming in 2022.

From the trailer, it can be assumed that the husband-wife duo will be heading out of the midwestern lake region in this season. If you have not already watched Jason Bateman doing this fantastic job as Marty, binge-watch the previous three seasons now before the fourth one lands on Netflix.

2. The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window-

Premiere date: January 28, 2022

As a parody of ‘The Woman in the Window,’ this show has in store a lot of moments of frights, phases of the complex psyche, and thrill. If you watch the trailer you’ll be sure of that last item we just mentioned. Kristen Bell is starring in this series.

3. Inventing Anna-

Premiere date: February 11, 2022

Based on Jessica Pressler’s ‘How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People’ this series is going to feature Anna Delvey, a fake hairless as her glamorous persona gets arrested in 2017. Julia Garner is starting in the role of Anna.

4. Love is Blind-

Premiere date: February 11, 2022

The unique romance reality show is back for a second season. Like the previous season, here also contestants will be thrown in a room full of their potential partners where they are not allowed to see each other. If you missed the question “is love really blind?”, your wait ends here.

5. Vikings: Valhalla-

Premier date: February 25, 2022

Coming as a sequel to History’s Vikings, this show is going to depict the famous Vikings’ raid across Europe. Besides, it will portray the origin of Norse Paganism and the legacies of famous Norsemen. An engaging historical journey is on the way.

6. Bridgerton-

Premiere date: March 25, 2022

Subscribers’ new favorite romance show is back with season 2. This season will focus on the duty-bound eldest son Anthony Bridgerton and new chemistry which will be just as insane as was of Simon and Daphne.

7. The Crown-

Premiere date: November 2022

Unlike Bridgerton, here royalty is real, not fictional. With a brilliant actress, Imelda Staunton arriving as Queen Elizabeth II to sit on the throne the fifth season is going to be as exciting as the previous ones. Not only that, but it also confirmed that the series is not going to end with this new season either.

8. The Sandman-

Premiere date: To be Announced

Based on the DC comic series of the same name, this series stars Thomas Sturridge as the iconic character Dream as he works to recover his dreaming kingdom after a century-long captivation.

9. Stranger Things Season 4-

Premiere date: To be Announced

Award-winning Netflix Original ‘Stranger Things is coming back after three seasons with Eleven coping with a new home and writing a letter to Mike as she hopes they will reunite in Spring break. Not only that, the trailer confirms that the train of thrill will continue to go on.

10. The Witcher: Blood Origin-

Premiere date: To be Announced

A spin-off of the popular series ‘The Witcher’ is coming this year to elucidate on the origin of the first Witcher and the Elven world. This spin-off is actually a prequel to the Witcher series set in millennium prior to the plot of ‘The Witcher.’

11. Wednesday-

Premiere date: To be Announced

A reintroduction of the weird Addams Family in the hand of Tim Burton is coming on Netflix this year. It will focus on Wednesday, the Addams daughter and her journey through the coming of age struggles and some old mysteries.

12. Human Resources-

Premiere date: To be Announced

A new spin-off of Big Month’s world of fantastical creatures like Anxiety Mosquitoes, Hormone Monsters is coming on Netflix to offer us a behind the scene look at the creatures’ lives. Waiting for the Puberty Department to return will not be in vain that’s for sure.

13. Anatomy of a Scandal-

Premiere date: To be Announced

Based on Sarah Vaughan’s novel of the same name, this anthology series will depict some of the blood-boiling scandals of UK elites. The cast members whose names have already been announced include Sienna Miller, Naomi Scott, Michelle Dockery, Rupert Friend, etc.

14. Russian Doll-

Premiere date: To be Announced

After a long wait, the second season of supernatural dramedy ‘Russian Doll’ is returning with its second season this year as Nadia’s death at her 36th birthday party leads her to a Groundhog Day of reliving her final day. In the role of Nadia is playing Natasha Lyonne.

15. The Pentaverate-

Premiere date: To be Announced

Is it going to be strange that Mike Myer is playing all the members of the underground society that is responsible for major world events since the Black Plague? We bet it’ll be super exciting. Other co-stars of this drama ‘The Pentaverate’ include Ken Jeong and Keegan Michael-Key.

16. The Umbrella Academy-

Premiere date: To be Announced

Focusing on the newly and accidentally made Sparrow Academy, the third season of this popular time travel superhero series is going to stream in 2022. Though the exact date of the premiere has not yet been announced, fans of ‘The Umbrella Academy‘ will soon find they’re waiting to come to an end.

17. Resident Evil-

Premiere date: To be Announced

The live-action adaptation of the hit video game ‘Resident Evil’ is coming on Netflix this year. From the teaser, it can be found out that the series is set three decades after the discovery of the T-virus.

18. Devil in Ohio-

Premiere date: To be Announced

Based on the novel of the same name by Daria Poltain about a true incident, this series will tell the story of a psychiatrist who takes refuge in a satanic cult which eventually results in sinister happenings. The lead role will be played by Emily Deschanel.

19. Florida Man-

Premiere date: To be Announced

Edgar Ramirez will be seen starring in this series in the role of an ex-cop who comes back to Florida, his home state in order to track down the runaway girlfriend of a mobster. As the hit recurring character of news headlines becomes the subject of a Netflix Original’s title, this show must have exciting things for us in store.

20. The Midnight Club-

Premiere date: To be Announced

Mike Flanagan is back on Netflix with another spooky show as his creation. Based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Pike, ‘The Midnight Club’ centers around a group of terminally I’ll teenagers who meet at a hospice center at midnight every day to share scary stories.

Not stopping here, they make a pact among themselves that the first one to die will communicate with the rest from the grave. What happens next? Is the promise kept? You have to wait a little longer to find out.


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