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Must Watch these 7 Korean Movies

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Top 7 Korean Movies: Korean filmmaking finally became famous after Jooh-ho’s parasitic won both Palme d’or an Oscar for the best picture in 2019. But, Korean filmmaking became much stronger after the 21st century.

Directors like Park Chan-Wook, Bong Joon-ho, Yeon Sang-ho, and Lee Chang-dong all played good roles in the film industry. Nowadays the worldwide audience has become a big fan of Korean Tv shows. As well the Squid game and Hellbound become world-famous Netflix hits. Loads of cuteness of a cast attract the attention of cast members which in turn, attract the audience’s attention.

Netflix presents a load of Korean content as it includes almost 35 movies, 179 TV shows, and various Netflix originals. There are loads of drama, action sci-fi, and horror movies throughout Netflix.

Here through these articles, you will come to know about the best Korean movies. So, this article is mainly for those who are big fans of Netflix Korean movies and shows. If you are also among those categories you will come to know.

Time to Hunt:

Time to hunt is a south Korean dysphonia action thriller film. It is mainly directed by Yoon Sung-Hyun and it will be released first on April 23, 2020, first time on Netflix. The film is based on three friends’ stories.  who become the target of contact after accomplishing the mission.

The three friends Ki-Hoon, Jun Seok, and Jang-ho all planned a mission to rob an underground gambling den. As one among the three Jun-Seok released from prison, he dreams of a better life and many more afterward.  All planned one mission, so they used the money to escape to Taiwan. But, all things do not go well as targeted.  

This science-fiction film is a super exciting thriller movie with much of its thriller coming with stunning Cinematography, sound editing as well as camera editing too. There are lots of suspensions shown presently. So, it is recommended from everyone keep watching this entertaining movie and must put their candy eyes over it.

Tune in for Love.

Those who love to watch a hit Korean drama may like this show the most. Goblin played the role of Kim Go-Eun and Jung Hae finally pair up and tune in for love. They both share a good scene in the drama.

In this generation of dating, people do not have patience for love. Lovely guys have a lot of options available, as people always try to jump from one relationship to another. As they fear commitment and are emotionally unavailable. But, in the tune of love, you come to remind the true love together and try to bring the love together.

As one person always tries to wait forever, just to spend their life together. This film tells the story of people of the 90s who are in love for more than ten years and an insight into the concepts and importance of love which they have changed through decades.


You may check out the works of the award-winning director. Bong Joon is an award-winning director and an Oscar winner. Okja is a story about Mija, which is a genetically modified pig in the south Korean mountains.

However, Miranda Corporation is obsessed with the bleeding super pigs who decided to treat two friends apart. As Okja in the show has decided to move to New York City, Mija is on a mission to save her friend’s life.

Borg is a specific general story, the director always tries to add more sprinkle to this movie. Orkja is not any specific story. It is partly based on friendship, partly on horror, and partly on horror shows. This movie is a good choice for those who needed  Borg’s work.

Steel Rain:

Steel rain is a North Korean soldier show. It is totally based on a Webtoon of the same name. Steel rain is an exciting movie from start to end. With espionage, assassination attempts shootouts, and camaraderie goes beyond the political borders. This show is surely a pack of entertainment and action-based movies.


Psychokinesis is a movie that gives you similar shadows similar to Avengers infinity war. The film is all about superheroes’ stories that follow the stories of security guards. Who used to drink water from the mountain spring, and after drinking the water of the mountain spring are most affected by a meteor and gain telekinetic powers. 

In the world of massive superhero movies, Psychokinesis is a hidden gem among all. It doesn’t always try to save the world but, just as the father protects his newfound power and makes the right things for his daughter.

It is full of dark comedy, and nuances of social commentary particularly. This film is surely an entertaining movie for all those who wanted to assume a heartwarming tale in a most unexpected way.

The Drug King

The Drug King is totally based on the life of Lee doo sam and drug smuggler from Busan. He built his narcotics empire in the 1970s, eventually, he became a kingpin of the business. The ranges to richer criminal saga start, Song Kang ho supported the role of Jo Jung-suk in the Bae Doona. 

The drug king is wholly based on a 1970s drug smuggling case. Mainly Lee doo sam builds an empire and drug smuggler in the underworld. After their infamous introduction in the world of crime. This film introduced the prosecutor who does his best to catch the infamous criminals.

Lee doo continues to build his name and fame. And so, to do so he continuously surrounded himself by a shrink, leaving him over his head and surrounded by enemies. 

The Merciless.

The Merciless is an action movie that shows a midnight screening section in the Cannes film festival. After watching this movie you will for sure consider that the Korean action Yim Si-wan is one of the most talented among all the generations of television screening films. 

The Merciless is a story totally in regards to loyalty. But, in terms of loyalty, Jae ho { sol} wants to become the best in the cinema organization. He teamed up with Hyun-Su{ Yim}, an ambitious newbie met in the prison. They two worked together in the way to take over the organization, and as a partner in crime. 

If you are fond of Korean movies you may watch one on the list, you will for sure love it the most. Let me know if you want any more details regarding this topic. I am always happy to help you out.


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