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Naked Truth of 1M Subs ASMR YouTuber – Karuna Satori

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Who is Karuna Satori?

Born on June 25, 1991 in the United States of America, Sarah Toth is a YouTube personality, best known for her channel Karuna Satori, which focuses on Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) content. As one of the first channels to focus on the genre, it has grown into one of the more popular ASMR channels on the site.

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Karuna Satori .’s Net Worth

As of early 2020, Karuna Satori’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000 earned through a successful career on YouTube. Although she earns significant income from the site’s advertising revenue, she has continued to advertise a lack of adequate income in her life.

Many of her critics blame her for bad financial habits rather than a lack of YouTube revenue.

Early life and career

Karuna started her YouTube channel in 2015 and before it was founded very little was known about her life. She created ASMR channels around the same time that the topic was getting a lot of attention online. She produced videos with brushing, tapping, hand movements, whispers and later experimented with role play.

Over the years, her channel grew and gained a significant number of subscribers thanks to her constant work. ASMR videos in general often encouraged creativity because there were so many triggers that could cause the effect.

Some of her most popular videos include role-playing to clean ears, role-playing as an ice cream parlor, and role-playing as an employee at a sleep clinic. Many people have subscribed and enjoyed her videos because it is said to help them sleep, or to give them that euphoric feeling often identified with ASMR. She has also uploaded videos considered not safe for work (NSFW), because of the sexual implications the video may have.

The Beginning of ASMR

ASMR was either a taboo subject in the beginning or an unusual sensation that not many people experienced.

As many who have experienced it would describe ASMR is a very mild euphoric sensation, often a tingling sensation that can be felt from the back of the head to the neck, shoulders and arms. People who had experienced the feeling didn’t understand it at first and searched online for other individuals who had similar experiences.

They were often rejected and criticized for the idea, as the best word to describe it was brain orgasm. Eventually, ASMR’s pioneers came up with a name for it, which led to the founding of ASMR. Starting out as a small group of people from different parts of the world, ASMR found an unusual home on the website YouTube.

Today, ASMR is one of the most popular YouTube genres, often consisting of channels run by women who reenact various events, using numerous stimuli to trigger the effect. One of the reasons it has become popular for YouTubers is because of the creativity it requires as no two people have the same set of triggers.

Still in its infancy

People who have experienced ASMR often describe their triggers differently — others feel it through whispers or using certain sounds. Triggers have also been reported through visual sensations, smells, touch, and through the use of other senses. The science about it isn’t very solid yet because of the lack of extensive research done on this subject, which is still in its early stages.

Karuna Satori

Critics also treat YouTube’s ASMR channels with skepticism, as many of them are made to try to attract a male audience through their appearance. They have also been criticized for taking advantage of people suffering from sleep disorders or panic attacks. Nevertheless, many viewers have also experienced positive effects from ASMR videos, and there are thousands of channels today to cater to the growing interest in the topic.

Satori Controversies

Satori, also known as ASMRtist, is one of the few that has gained about a million subscribers with the sole dedication to the craft. The countless videos, interactions and views she has can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue.

Yet she claims that she has very little money and that YouTube is not enough to supplement her lifestyle. This has led to many of her viewers criticize her for poor spending habits, as she shows off her expensive makeup, clothes, and jewelry in videos. Her social media accounts even boasted that she had a new house that she bought a few years ago.

The problem was compounded when she started to list gifts to give to her children and urged her subscribers to buy gifts for them. This was even though she posted video blogging content on another channel, showcasing a luxurious lifestyle.

drug problems

One of the biggest factors that may have caused all of these money problems is drugs.

At one point, she asked her subscribers for money so she could go to the dentist, but eventually she got adjustments to her body, with some observant viewers noticing that she got a boob job after receiving donations. Other subscribers were promised custom ASMR videos in exchange for money, but never got what was promised.

Websites started reporting that Karuna was addicted to drugs and had been in treatment programs several times to try to solve the problem. At one point, her addiction became so intense that her children had to be taken to the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services to be safe.

She allegedly beat her husband in front of her children and then threatened her family with a gun. The family reconciled after she received treatment, and she is… clean for a few years now.

Private life

Karuna is known to be married to Victor who also runs an ASMR channel called Essence of ASMR – the two have collaborated on videos countless times during their respective careers. She does a lot of promotion for her husband as he doesn’t have a strong social media presence and encourages her viewers who are looking for more masculine content to head over to his channel. The couple have two children together, although they rarely talk about anything outside of work.


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