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Naked Truth of Instagram Star – Olyria Roy- Who is she? Wiki

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Who is Olyria Roy?

Born on November 18, 1987 in St. Petersburg, Russia (then Leningrad, Soviet Socialist Republic), Olyria Roy is both a plus-sized model and a singer, best known for her fame on social media, especially Instagram where she has shared more than a million followers. She has received a lot of attention for her large bust size, as well as her singing ability.

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The net worth of Olyria Roy

As of early 2020, Olyria Roy’s net worth is estimated at over $200,000, earned through success in her various endeavors. Her online fame has given her countless opportunities, including getting regular monthly donations from some of her most devoted followers.

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She also did modeling work and her efforts in the music industry also contributed to her wealth.

Early life and the beginning of a career

Olyria grew up in Russia and at a young age she wanted to pursue a career as a model. She didn’t get much support in the beginning as it was unusual for taller women to make it in the industry. However, she was inspired by other plus-size women who made it, and wasn’t bothered by the critics, so she worked tirelessly on her figure and started taking advantage of her naturally large bust size.

In 2013, she began to audition for modeling projects and was successful, collaborating with several Russian brands.

She soon landed jobs at Alma Molinet and Ideal Forms, and also started working with other well-known plus-sized models in Russia, such as Ropa Sancha and Helga Charina. She appears regularly online and three years later, in 2016, she entered the Miss Curvy Russia beauty pageant, which she easily won.

Online career

Since Roy got a lot more attention online, she decided to take advantage of this by creating different accounts on various popular social media platforms. One of the biggest was on Instagram which is a well-known hub for many models and aspirants, which proves to be a lucrative source of income for many online models as their large following means companies can use them as a form of advertising.


As the number of her followers grew, she began to receive offers from various companies, mainly based in Russia, and began modeling sexy lingerie for the Russian company Erotica VIP.

She also started wearing clothes and doing promotions for the Russian clothing company Bonafide, as well as getting sponsors from the US and other parts of the world, including Hot Miami Styles, which focuses on a variety of clothing for women. In addition to Instagram, she wanted to channel her passion for music and therefore created an account on YouTube. The video sharing website is a popular avenue for many social media stars and aspiring singers as it provides them with a platform to get noticed by the general public.

As her modeling career helped her, it didn’t take long for her music to start getting attention as well. She has released music and music videos sporadically, while also posting a few ads she’s been working on.

Direct support

Aside from her Instagram sponsorship, the advertising revenue she gets from YouTube has also helped build wealth – her songs can also be purchased and downloaded from websites such as iTunes. To further expand her reach, she has created an account on Twitter to interact and interact with fans directly. She also launched an account on TikTok, which has proven to be one of the most popular apps in recent years.

Olyria Roy

To accommodate her most devoted fans and also earn some cash along the way, she created an account on OnlyFans. The site is a service mostly used by glamor models and sex workers that allows users to interact directly with women by paying them a monthly subscription to receive exclusive photos or videos. Depending on the amount they contribute, they can even influence the messages and interactions sent to them. Likewise, she also has an account set up on Patreonwhich works in a similar way to OnlyFans, but is mostly used by digital content creators like YouTubers, to get direct consistent support, to avoid the increasing strictness of monetization rules with websites like YouTube.

Recent Efforts and Modeling of Plus Sizes

In recent months, Roy has continued her focus on her modeling career. She has landed numerous professional projects and has been seen modeling underwear and bikini wear, showing off clothing from brands such as Calvin Klein. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, she is mostly at home, but that hasn’t stopped her from posting consistently online. She is still doing promotions for her sponsors, taking advantage of the fact that many people are stuck at home because of quarantines.

Her rise to fame is also a sign of the growing trend of plus size models. For many decades, the modeling world was focused on tall, slender and slender models.

However, there are some names that have helped popularize shorter or taller models. One of those names is Ashley Graham, who is credited as one of the biggest factors in the modeling industry, tending towards other plus-sized people. This is because there are people who are naturally much greater in their genetics, and the traditional definition of models has severely hampered their chances. This has not been the case in recent years as more and more companies have come to notice the growing demand for retail clothing for larger people.

Private life

Olyria is single and has shown no signs of romantic relationships, past or present. She loves to be outdoors and often shows off bikinis as she likes to spend time at the beach or in resorts. She is a big believer in self-acceptance and body positivity. On her online accounts, she often mentions that no one is perfect and that people should learn to love others, even with perceived physical or other flaws. In her spare time she likes to sing and hopes to further develop her career in that direction.


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