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Nannying: Expectations mostly vs. Reality

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Shreya Christina
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When I started my first summer as a nanny, I came into the job with certain thoughts about how it would turn out. However, as I progress, I find that many of these are very inaccurate, especially for the kids I watch. Here are just some of my expectations versus reality regarding being a nanny.

Expectation: Getting up at 6:45am every day means a strict 10pm bedtime so I can be at my best. Totally doable.

Reality: If I go to bed at 12 a.m., which college has made me idealize as an “early” bedtime, I can sleep a little over 6 hours and not be completely cranky if I drag myself to work at 8 a.m.

Expectation: Arriving at 8am for a 9am swimming lesson? That’s enough time to get the kids ready.

Reality: I struggle to put sunscreen on them and have them breakfast at 8:45am so we make it half-early to practice, find a chair, put on all our gear and make it before 9am

Expectation: On Monday I craft with them, Tuesday art, Wednesday baking, Thursday a service project and on Friday a fun excursion. Perfect!

Reality: They want to stay by the pool late on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, meaning I don’t have to plan projects on Sundays and buy less stuff. #to win

Expectation: Swimming and tennis until 11:15 am, showering, lunch, learning and crafts. That’s enough for one day. It is not necessary to knit at exact times.

Reality: Swimming and tennis: 9-11:15 am; shower: 11:15-11:45; lunch: 11:45-12:30; reading: 12:30-1:15; project: 1:15-2; math: 2-2:45; and now frantically looking for something to keep them occupied for another 45 minutes.

Expectation: Leaving at 3:30 PM gives me plenty of time after work to do things like socializing and relaxing.

Reality: Sleeps 2 hours as soon as I get home.

Expectation: Friday excursions are going to be the best part! It will be so nice to break from the routine for a bit.

Reality: Chuck E. Cheese on a Friday in the summer at 1pm is the worst place I’ve been in my entire life. Please take me back home to paint and calculate for hours. Please!

Expectation: I’ll befriend all the nannies, and we can make big group dates together. It will be so much fun!

Reality: In three weeks, I spoke to a nanny and had a 45-minute playdate. That’s enough for the summer.

Expectation: I’m going to love these kids so much.

Reality: I love these kids so much.

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