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Net worth of Paul Wahlberg, wife, famous siblings, cancer

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Paul Wahlberg is a renowned American chef, reality TV star and actor, best known as the co-owner of the restaurant chain “Wahlburgers” and “Alma Nove”

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Early life and educational background

Paul. A. Wahlberg was born on the 20e March 1964, in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts to Alma and Donald Wahlberg, a truck driver and bank clerk/nurse respectively. He is the fifth of nine children, including famous actors Marking and donnie Wahlberg, Arthur, Jim, Michelle, Tracey, Robert and Debbie. He has half siblings in Buddy, Scott and Donna Wahlberg.

His parents divorced during his early 20s, and his mother remarried; his father died in 2008. The Wahlbergs are a big family, and with relateed to celebrities such as Walt Disney, Madonna and Matt Damon, as well as former presidents such as George Bush.


Renowned Chef

Wahlberg had a keen interest in food from an early age and spent most of his childhood in the kitchen with his mother Alma, watching cooking shows such as “The Galloping Gourmet”. When he was 12, he fell in love with food over a meal at a friend’s house, eventually deciding to pursue a career as a professional chef.

“There’s a kind of energy working in a kitchen that’s very, very different from working in an office… It’s not like any other job. It’s crazy and you’re always putting out [figurative] burning,” he said of the decision. He worked as a caterer while still in high school, washing dishes at his friend’s family restaurant. After graduation, he gained valuable experience at the Newbury College of the Culinary Arts and worked in a number of restaurants such as “The Four Seasons”, “The Charles Hotel” and “Bridgeman’s” in Hull, Massachusetts, where he was the Executive Chef for nine years. He was also a caterer on two sets of Mark’s films – “Max Payne” and “The Happening” – as well as many other films.

Finally he gained enough experience and expertise in the field and opened his own restaurant called Alma Nové– “Nove” is the Italian word for nine, the number of children his mother has – in Boston. It’s a Mediterranean/Italian restaurant serving classic dishes like Prince Edward Island fried clams, wood-grilled sirloin steak, and braised pork meatballs with polenta. Paul supports local grocers by using their fresh ingredients in his meals and serving fresh seafood from the sea.

In 2011, he teamed up with Mark and Donnie to “Wahlburgers”, a casual burger restaurant and bar located in Hingham, Boston, near Alma Nove, to show off the ‘…slopiest Sloppy Joe’s, the tastiest tater tots and the frothiest frappes’.

After the success of the restaurant, the brothers opened more chains in the US, Canada, UK and Germany with a total of 36 chains.

Reality TV star

In 2014, the brothers launched a series about the A&E Network titled “Wahlburgers”, which shows the Wahlberg family, their behind-the-scenes life and the operation of the restaurant. Initially, the series was supposed to run for 18 episodes, but due to high demand, it ran for 10 seasons and 95 episodes. It received an Emmy nomination for the “Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program” award; after five years of airing it came to a end on the 31st July 2019 in Dorchester, where it all started.

Paul Wahlberg

Then followed the spin-off “Donnie loves Jenny”, based on Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy’s newlywed relationship.


Paul is a married man who has two children: a daughter named Madison and a son named Ethan. Despite his public career, the reality TV star has kept his private life out of the limelight and little to no details are available about his wife. Her identity has been kept a secret, although their children often appear on his TV show. The family of four currently lives in their home in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • His mother is extremely proud of his achievements and likes to praise him. She said“Everyone just loves Paul… when we first opened and hired guys for the kitchen, it was freezing outside and four of them had no coats, so what did he do? He bought them all coats. He is such a person’.
  • When not running his restaurants, Wahlberg participates in charities, Quincy Community Action, Father Bill’s and Dorchester Boys and Girls Club, among other local charities.
  • He owes his love of food to family meals at home on Sunday evenings, with Alma’s favorites being pasta sauce and lasagna. It is Paul’s hope that ‘…Alma Nove will become a meeting place for friends and family to come together, break bread and share good times’.
  • Paul and his siblings were raised Roman Catholic.
  • His favorite vacation spot is anywhere it’s warm, such as San Diego and Florida. In the end, his children get the last word: ‘…wherever my children want to go is good for me’.
  • He enjoys eating local food during holidays, to experience the specific culture of each place.
  • Paul wished he could travel to Hawaii and the continent of Asia, having never been there, but wanted to try some really authentic Asian street food.
  • The one thing he always packs before traveling is a good book. The chef reads all kinds of books – from detective stories to non-fiction.
  • On an airplane, he prefers to sit in the window seat.
  • His guilty pleasure while traveling is walking and getting lost.
  • One of his favorite childhood memories was traveling with all his siblings to the beach or pond. He reminisced, ‘… it would be like a clown car if we all got out’.
  • His zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • His sister Debbie died in 2003 and he became depressed. He remembers it as one of the saddest times in his life and thanks his family for helping him out of the depressive state he was in.
  • He is the first of his siblings to graduate from high school.
  • The accounts of his restaurants have gained a lot of fans on social media such as Twitter and Instagram; there is a official site for the hospitality industry.

Appearance and clothing style

Paul is a man of white ethnicity and American nationality, who has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is 1.57 m tall, weighs about 78 kg and has a plump body shape. The 64-year-old has no tattoos and does not smoke.

Net worth and salary

Paul has had a long and largely successful career as a chef and restaurant owner, and it is the main source of his income. He also had a short career as a reality TV star that was quite popular. He has managed to amass an impressive net worth estimated at over $10 million, according to His more famous younger brothers – Mark and Donnie – are reportedly worth $225 million and $20 million respectively thanks to careers as actors, singers, producers and investors.


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