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Netflix Global Statistics 2022 – Who

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Since we have seen the popularity of Netflix soar around the world, this article covers all the interesting facts about Netflix songs behind the sciences.

Privacy is a fantasy these days, to think that setbacks and other big tech companies don’t track your information is naive.

This image shows “Brave Browser” trackers that have been blocked in my browser for the past few days. By the way, I wasn’t surfing that much that day, but that’s an article for another day.

Look, we have to recognize that our data is just not secure. Even if you use some security tactics like firewall, proxy, secure router, antivirus, VPN, etc. those can still go down the hill when you accidentally log into a public wifi connection or just open an image on your phone.

This applies to ads that know how to get your data to improve their technology, even if you use a secure browser.

So, after saying everything, let’s dive in Netflix statistics, our winning audience is women.

Not so far behind them are men and then children and the elderly.

Fun fact:

Netflix will spend $1.8 billion on research and development in 2020

If you are an advertiser yourself and you want to target a topic Netflix related, I would strongly recommend that you focus on women.

Also keep in mind that this affiliate market is one of the most growing niches in the market right now.

Netflix Oscar collection 2022

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Bonus Advice for Parents Watching”Flash Season 7“This TV show will suit you both.

As for children, these numbers will certainly surprise you:

Kids watch services like Netflix 15 times more when they play outside

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as for their subscribes growth and data:

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Fun fact:

The average Netflix user has watched 49 days of TV shows and movies since creating an account.

Fun fact

TV shows accounted for 82 percent of Netflix’s top-rated original content in 2019

Netflix spends huge amounts of money on their quality content, and it shows in the numbers. 6 Underground for example, was a huge success in 2019 for Netflix Originals studios.

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