Netgear’s Unlocked M6 5G Mobile Hotspot Router Has Improved Performance

netgear is releasing an unlocked version of his Nighthawk M6 mobile hotspot router designed for use at home or on the go. Like the AT&T version of the M6, this new C-band supports 5G, but now it also supports faster 2.5Gbps internet service on supported network plans. It also features a new In-Home Performance Mode that allows it to better serve as a primary home router when needed.

The new M6 model (MR6150) can cover 2,000 square feet with Wi-Fi, according to Netgear. However, that Wi-Fi range boost doesn’t work in portable mode; it only works if you plug it in and remove the 5,040mAh battery. It’s still good to have that versatility and perhaps extend the usable battery life, although it would shut down in the event of a power outage. Netgear didn’t share the M6’s typical Wi-Fi range when running on battery, but according to PCMagcould the previous M5 model only reach a range of about 50 feet Test in unobstructed line of sight.

The M6 ​​model (MR6150) can cover 2,000 square feet with Wi-Fi when plugged into a power outlet

Both the M6 ​​and AT&T versions support C-band 5G, but the new one now supports 2.5Gbps internet service on supported network plans. The M6 ​​doesn’t have mmWave 5G like Netgear’s M5 and M6 Pro models, nor does it have Wi-Fi 6E support – but it makes up for it a bit by adding faster 3.6Gbps Wi-Fi 6 device connectivity. on supported 160 MHz devices .

The unlocked M6 still has the 2.4-inch LCD touchscreen that allows you to change settings and check the Wi-Fi password, and supports up to 32 devices connected at the same time. There is also a gigabit ethernet port and antenna ports that allow you to extend the 5G signal (antenna sold separately).

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