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New Amsterdam Season 5 Must Watch Series Like New Amsterdam

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New Amsterdam Season 5 Must Watch Series Like: Medical dramas have been qualified to appear as more than the satisfactory genre of TV Series that can present similar life and relationship issues but inside a highly qualified and successful frame of life.

Among the plethora of medical dramas appealing to us for almost a decade now, ‘New Amsterdam’ is a notable one. This American TV Series is based on the Eric Manheimer book ‘Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital’. With the fourth season premiered only months ago the name, ‘New Amsterdam’ has again appeared on the front. So let us first talk about the plot of the show.

At the center of the show is Dr. Max Goodwin. He has recently been made the medical director of New Amsterdam Hospital which is one of the oldest public hospitals in the United States.

After joining he finds out the excessive bureaucracy that is affecting the quality of treatment in the hospital. He makes it his aim to reform the neglected facility in order to provide extraordinary care and treatment to the patients.

Starring Ryan Eggold as Dr. Goodwin, this show premiered on NBC on September 25, 2018. The fourth season aired on September 21, 2021.

Now there are some more TV Series where the characters are set in the medical background. It is mostly possible that if you enjoyed ‘New Amsterdam’, you ought to be enjoying those shows too.

So, here is a list of TV Series that you must watch if you like ‘New Amsterdam’:

Grey’s Anatomy-

Number of Seasons: 18

Yes, you got it right. When it comes to medical drama the first that comes to our mind is without a second thought ‘Grey’s Anatomy. This highly successful TV Series often outweighs cheesy teen drama in portraying the issues of life and relationship. It revolves around the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital and the doctors and staff working there.

We are introduced to Meredith Grey, the main focus of the plot, who is the daughter of Ellis Grey, a renowned general surgeon. Meredith enters the hospital being accepted into the surgical residency program.

The series deals with her and her coworkers’ (physician Cristiano Yang, Izzie Stevens, Alex Karev, George O’Malley to name a few) struggles with personal life and the hectic schedule in the hospital.

Starring Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, the series premiered on March 27, 2005, and is still running with an upcoming 19th season renewed in January 2022. It received a number of awards including Golden Globe and Emmy.

Chicago Med-

Number of Seasons: 7

Another American medical drama ‘Chicago Med‘ is created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead. It is the third installment of Wolf’s Chicago Franchise after Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. The series is set in the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center of Chicago.

It revolves around the doctors and nurses of the emergency department of the hospital as they try to save peoples’ lives. Sometimes characters of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. can also be seen appearing in the show.

The cast of this medical drama includes Nick Gehlfuss, Yaya DaCosta, Torrey DeVitto, Rachel DiPillo, etc. It first aired on NBC on November 17, 2015, with the seventh season premiering last September.

The Resident-

Number of Seasons: 5

Another Fox medical drama ‘The Resident‘ is based on Marty Makary’s book ‘Unaccountable’. Here also we can see an unconventional doctor but with much more darkness in him.

Set in Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, while dealing with the issues involved with the bureaucratic practice of the hospital, this show focuses on a young doctor who begins his residency under the supervision of a senior Doctor. This later one though seems to be a normal doctor, is actually a deadly psychopath.

Clearly, an unusual medical drama ‘The Resident’ premiered on January 21, 2018, and still running. It stars Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp, Shaunette Renée Wilson, Manish Dayal etc.

Descendants of the Sun-

Number of Seasons: 1

Though it does not fall under the pure medical drama genre, this K-Drama has a doctor as one of its protagonists. Besides that, the show is extremely popular for its warmth of the romantic relationship as well as its nationalist appeal of it.

So much so that ‘Descendents of the Sun’ made a huge impact on the economy and culture of South Korea and revived the Korean series industry when it was supposed to be undergoing a charmless phase.

The main characters are Yoo Si-jin and Dr. Kang Mo-yeon. Yoo Si-jin is the captain of a special forces unit of South Korea and Dr. Mo-yeon is a cardiothoracic surgeon working at Haesung Hospital.

From the moment of their first meeting in the hospital till Mo-Yeon’s coming to Uruk to lead a team of medical volunteers where their romantic feelings further grow, Si-jin and Mo-Yeon’s on-screen moments are always full of warmth and magic while they explore lives together with their opposite views and save each other’s lives a number of times.

The show ran from February 24 to April 22 of 2016. Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo play the role of Captain Yoo Si-jin and doctor Kang Mo-yeon respectively.


Number of Seasons: 8

This Fox Network American medical drama is created by David Shore. It centers around a medical genius, the titular Gregory House who is also referred to as unconventional and even misanthropic. This queer combination of nature and occupation attracts further notice as he is renowned to reject cases he finds uninteresting.

Dr. House leads a team of diagnosticians in New Jersey at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Usually, they treat those patients who have been wrongly diagnosed by other doctors. The episodes start with the primary diagnosis of the patient and cover the hard times when the treatment almost fails.

Hugh Laurie can be seen playing the role of Dr. House. The series ran from November 16, 2004, to May 21, 2012. ‘House’ won a number of awards including Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, People’s Choice, and Peabody.


Number of Seasons: 15

Another medical drama aired on NBC ‘ER‘ has Emergency Room in its title only. It is the second-longest-running medical drama following ‘Grey’s Anatomy. The plot follows the fictional County General Hospital of Chicago, Illinois as critical issues are dealt with by the hospital’s physicians and staff in the emergency room.

The premiere of this TV Series dates back to the 90s as it was released on September 19, 1994, and ran till 2009. The cast includes Anthony Edwards, George Clooney, Sherry Stringfield, etc.


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