New Chief Justice of Karnataka Remembers Ambedkar When He Said Goodbye from Bombay High Court

Judge PB Varale, who has been appointed as the next Chief Justice of the Karnataka Supreme Court, recalled Ambedkar as he said goodbye to his colleagues in the Bombay Supreme Court. He said Ambedkar inspired him to pursue a legal career.

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Mumbai,UPDATED: 13 Oct 2022 01:22 IST

Justice PB Varale said credit for his achievements in the legal profession goes to Dr. BR Ambedkar (File)

By India Today Web Desk: The Bombay Bar Association hosted a farewell party on Wednesday for Judge PB Varale, who will now serve as Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court.

During the post-court office, Judge Varale spoke at length about his family’s relationship with Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, the architect of India’s constitution.

“I am in this noble institution because of the great scholar, political thinker, Dr. Ambedkar,” said Judge Varale, adding that when Dr. Ambedkar was about to launch Milind Mahavidyalaya in Aurangabad, he had asked Judge Varale’s grandfather to join the institute.

“He chose my grandfather, a small merchant from Nipani [in Belgaum, Karnataka]. He told him: I am going to start an institute in Marathwada because that place has no educational facilities. My aim is to provide the best education for our children from depressed and oppressed classes,” Judge Varale said.

Justice Varale further said that Dr Ambedkar had also taken his father under his wing. It was at the suggestion of Dr Ambedkar that Judge Varale’s father received legal training, he said.

“When he expressed an interest in continuing his education, Dr Ambedkar suggested, ‘Why don’t you take a legal degree?’ That’s how my father received a legal education, climbed through the ranks of various courts and eventually became the clerk of this court,” said Judge Varale.

Judge Varale further said, “That fate was so kind and I was blessed. A little person in a remote place would never have thought to enter the legal profession and join this institution. It was all because of Babasaheb Ambedkar.”

Judge Varale began his practice as a lawyer in August 1985, under the supervision of attorney SN Loya. He also taught at Ambedkar Law College in Aurangabad until 1992. On July 18, 2008, he was appointed a judge of the Bombay High Court.

Before concluding his remarks, Judge Carale stated: “I am about to leave Mumbai. And, as the saying goes, you can take me out of the Supreme Court, but you cannot take the Bombay Supreme Court out of me.”

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