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New to betting? Here’s what you need to know about Same Game Parlays?

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The sports betting market is as competitive as ever, and sportsbooks are constantly fighting to stake their claim to the top of the mountain. To do this, they had to come up with new ways to attract new customers and keep their current gamblers. It started with the integration of technology into sports betting as we saw more and more land-based bookmakers focus on their websites and apps. This increased the number of Americans who bet on sports and has made betting easier than ever with thousands of markets, leagues and games at your fingertips.

One of the best ways sportsbooks have managed to grow their customer base is by introducing new markets and types of betting. Of all the new ways of betting that these online sportsbooks have introduced, perhaps none have thrilled gamblers as much as same game parlay† The great thing about SGPs is how easy they are. An SGP is a single bet that combines multiple outcomes of the same game and is dependent on winning all those outcomes. So instead of supporting multiple lines as singles in one game, you can combine them in a single bet!

Betting on an SGP is very simple. Simply create an account with your sportsbook of choice and then navigate to any MLB, NBA, NFL, or football game. From there, games eligible for SGPs will be indicated with a ‘+SGP’ logo next to the event. From there, all you need to do is turn ‘On’ for Same Game Parlay and then you can pick and wager your selections!

But how can the same game parlays improve your bets? Let’s see.

You can use strategically

SGPs can be hard to win, but this doesn’t mean you can’t bet strategically. For example, let’s say you chose to put an SGP on an NFL game and you expect a lot of points. For this reason, you return the over. Of course, for that to happen, there is a route to get there and that is by going back and forth. From here you can begin to paint a picture of the game by choosing touchdown scorers, passing yards, throwing touchdowns, etc. Let’s use a game of New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys as an example. First of all, we will say that you supported an overline of 57.5. From there, you can support player supports that you think can get you across that line, making your bet look something like this.

  • Over 57.5 (-110)
  • Dak Prescott throws more than 1.5 touchdowns (-250)
  • CeeDee Lamb scores a touchdown (+100)
  • Saquon Barkley scores a receiving touchdown (+200)
  • Odds – +1504

This gives a clear idea of ​​how you expect the game to play out with the Cowboys playing through the air and collecting points by receiving touchdowns through the key receiver CeeDee Lamb† Barkley’s line will probably raise those odds a bit like a running back scoring a touchdown from the receiver, but it’s back in line with the picture you’ve painted of the game.

Lower risk

This is not to say that parlays of the same game are easier to win, because that would not be true. In fact, they are probably harder to win than your usual single bets, especially if you stack up against your selections. However, since multiple selections are more likely to be made in one game, you can bet less money than you normally would. For example, in our previous example, let’s say you were betting on the Lamb +100 prop. As a single, you would have to bet $100 to win $100, while with the rest of the selections considered for an SGP, you only need to bet about $7 to see the same win. Although the odds of winning your bet are smaller, you have put a lot less money on the line than if you placed a single. This makes it a lot easier to budget your bets and allows you to spread your money further.

Greater voltage

We all placed a bet on a match and then sat and watched as we waited for the points to get past the over or the running back to win just a few yards. As exciting as that is, SGP multiplies that by… well, however many selections you choose! Previously, this type of betting was limited because no one really wants to place multiple singles on one game. But with SGP you can pick as many selections in a single bet as you want. This means that every last second of the game is a must-see as you combine player props, game props and game lines into a single bet.

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