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North Korea fires ballistic missile as South Korea completes annual military exercise

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South Korea has claimed that its rival, North Korea, fired a ballistic missile at sea. The development comes as Seoul concluded its annual military exercise.

Associated Press

Seoul,UPDATED: Oct 28, 2022 10:32 AM IST

Flag of North Korea

North Korea fired a ballistic missile toward the sea as Seoul concluded its annual military exercise. (Photo: Reuters)

By Associated PressNorth Korea fired a ballistic missile at sea Friday, Seoul officials said, as its rival South Korea was completing an annual military exercise that the north regards as an invasion rehearsal.

South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff said in a statement that the missile flew into North Korea’s eastern waters, but did not provide further details, including how far the weapon flew.

The launch, the latest in a series of weapons tests by North Korea in recent weeks, took place on the last day of South Korea’s annual 12-day “Hoguk” field exercises, which this year also involved an unspecified number of US troops. used to be.

The South Korean and US Air Forces plan to conduct large-scale training next week.

North Korea sees such regular exercises by Seoul and Washington as exercise for launching an attack on the north, although the Allies say their exercises are defensive in nature.

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Friday’s launch came four days after rival Koreas exchanged warning shots along their disputed western sea border, a scene of past bloodshed and naval battles.

The launch also came after US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman issued a warning during a visit to Tokyo this week about North Korea’s escalating provocations and reiterated that the US would fully use its military capabilities, “including nuclear”, to to defend their allies Japan and Japan. South Korea.

There are also concerns that the North could raise the bar even higher in the coming weeks by conducting its first nuclear test since 2017. Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said on Thursday that another nuclear test explosion by North Korea is “another confirmation of a program that is moving forward at full speed in ways that are incredibly worrying.”

He said the UN agency has been monitoring preparations for a new test, which would be the seventh overall test in the north, but gave no indication of whether a nuclear explosion is imminent.

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