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Orthodontic Treatments for You and Your Kid’s Oral Health

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Your oral health needs careful preservation through regular dental checkups and corrections. It is necessary because one can suffer from a few mild to severe orthodontic problems. Misalignment, gaps, and overcrowding tend to be some common concerns. A dental expert can straighten your smile and align it with orthodontic procedures like clear aligner trays, braces, etc. Surgery can be a rare thing. You can even need early orthodontic help for your younger kids to help them avoid issues with jaw growth, bad oral habits, any harm to front teeth protrusion, and more. 

For all these and other dental treatments, you can visit Schoettger Orthodontics once. A reputable clinic can offer multiple solutions for everyone. Here is a quick glimpse of the same.

Invisalign treatment

This process involves straightening teeth with the help of clear, custom-made aligner trays. These molds follow 3-D digital imaging technique for preparation. Because these are nearly invisible teeth aligners, you don’t have to face the embarrassment one experiences with traditional metal braces. However, doctors recommend this treatment for patients with mild or moderate misalignment issues. Usually, anyone more than seven years of age can benefit from it. The duration of the treatment can vary from patient to patient. Still, you can expect it to take a few months to result in straighter and healthier teeth with a perfect smile.

Many believe this is an expensive procedure. But you can look for an affordable treatment cost by finding a place that helps you with zero interest payment plans.

Brackets or braces for teeth

It is common to ask if one should choose braces. While it’s not possible to offer a one-size-fits-all answer to the question if these are better for teeth, you need to know that many things depend on an individual’s needs and preferences. Some people may be comfortable with the look of braces, while others may lean toward Invisalign treatment for comfort. Nevertheless, your dentist can guide you best on this matter. One may have to wear braces because of their specific dental condition requirement. But the good thing is these dental solutions have advanced. They have excellent color choices, from clear ceramic braces to stainless steel and brushed champagne finish metal braces. 

Once the treatment starts, you may have to meet your dentist every 6-10 weeks. Besides that, modern clinics use the latest and safer technologies for imaging purposes. They don’t use radiation for scanning or gooey material to create a suitable mold.

Interceptive orthodontics

This type of dental treatment is recommendable for children reaching age 7. It can help prevent or rectify dental problems, like overcrowding, that a child may face when their permanent teeth begin to erupt. You can also opt for this method to improve your child’s bite and make it easier for them to brush and floss properly. As hinted, early dental care can be beneficial for oral health. A dentist can improve their jaw growth, guide them on correct oral practices, etc. 

Since dental health is integral to your overall wellbeing, it’s not wise to ignore its hygiene and maintenance.

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