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Outer Banks Season 3: 7 Mysterious Series Like Outer Banks

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7 Mysterious Series like Outer Banks: After the release of the ‘Outer Banks,’ series on Netflix, people had started looking for more such series which has an essence of mystery and can thrill the viewers.

The fans of Outer Break are not ready to end that the series has ended and are looking for alternatives to experience the same rushing of adrenaline in their blood vessels with the same speed by watching other series with the same amount of mystery and thrill.

The first season of Outer Break was released in the year 2020 and the second season was released in the year 2021. After then the viewers are searching for thrilling series which are already there on the OTT platforms. It is just the viewer’s need in the right direction so that they can choose the right as per their mood and want.

Before discussing other series like Outer Break, there is a short synopsis of the series to refresh the mind of the viewers.

Season 1

After the hurricane hit the tow, the characters John B, JJ, pope ad Kiara decided to go on a mysterious adventure. John had received some clues which he thought can be used to search for his father and so he decided to search for him and his friends also decided to support and assist him in his mysterious journey.

Season II

In season II, Sarah’s father, who absolutely does not like John, who was dating his daughter, steals the loot and frame John for the murder. The story goes all around how John comes out of it and gets back with his love.

There are some thrilling and mysterious shows which are still on the OTT platforms which the viewers can pick to entertain themselves.

Let’s have a look at Series like Outer Banks

The O.C.

The story is all about a teenager who struggles to balance his past and present. The role has been played by Ben McKenzie and the role of the lead actress was played by Adam Brody. The show was directed by Josh Schwartz.

Like Outer Break, this series is also based on Teenagers and their struggles to keep themselves and their emotions balanced.

Ryan, the main character of the series, is [poor and troubled, who is adopted by a wealthy family and was shifted to Newport Beach, which was far away from the place he lives. It was not only the place but his foster brothers, with whom he had to manage.

In all this mess, he also falls in love with a girl next door. All his emotions are rushing up and down and he is struggling hard to adjust and get accepted. But, later, he found his path and manages to put everything in the right place.

Locke and Key

Locke and Key is a mysterious and entertaining story. It is just like reading comic books because it has all the magic, angel, and evils who is after the power. The series has ended with its two seasons and the ending was dramatic and thrilling.

In Season I, the Locke family shifted to their ancestral house in the small town of Matheson from Seattle. The family has recently seen a tragic incident in which their father was killed.

As they were trying to adjust to a new Manson which was also known as Key house, they found different keys which were full of supernatural powers. But, later, the siblings realize a demonic entity wanted the key and he was planning to use it to fulfill all his cruel intentions.

In season II, the evil entity, Dodge, in order to empower all the supernatural keys, turns people into demons. But, the siblings, manage to deal with it and come out successfully defeating it. The siblings also came to know the real reason behind their father’s death.


This is the most-watched Teen mystery drama series on Netflix and the story is based on Archie comics. The major characters are Archie (K.J. Apa), Betty (Lili Reinhart), Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch), Veronica (Camila Mendes), and Jughead (Cole Sprouse).

The story is plotted on a small town and its dark hidden history which makes the story more appealing and thrilling. Even though the mystery of this series is not like the mystery of Outer Break, it can be bet that the viewers will enjoy watching the series.

The show to date has 6 seasons and one never knows, how many there are to come. The story is about Archie, who investigates the brutal murder that takes place in the town. In Riverdale, the Southside Serpents are the gangsters that no one wants to mess with.

Nancy Drew

Another mysterious series is worth watching and it is available on CW. This show can fill the void created after Outer Break ended. The show is slightly older but still has the power to hold the viewers till the end.

The story is all about Nancy, the main character, who leaves her hometown to get into college after she finishes high school. But before she could leave for college, something terrible happens and she is dragged into a murder mystery in which some supernatural powers are involved.

Get Even

Another teen-mystery story but this time, it is a female-driven story. This thriller shows has Kitty (Kim Adis), Bree (Mia McKenna-Bruce), Margot (Bethany Antonia), and Olivia (Jessica Alexander), as main characters.

They join a group which was named DGM (Don’t Get Mad) and work against all the bullies who not only show them down but also pull the string of ragging to extreme levels.

The girls also helped in resolving the murder mystery of a student after one of their targets is found dead with a note written DGM in it, the girls believe that someone is trying to frame them for a crime they didn’t commit.

Vampire Diaries

It is a legendry show because this show is not loved by the teens but by people of all age groups. Despite the fact that the story is based on vampires, humans, and the existence of vampires among humans, the story is rousing to watch.

This series was very popular in the early 2000s and ones on the watching list of every teenager. Many more vampire series came and went but none could beat the original.

The story is all about a schoolgirl who had two immortal lovers. One is a good-hearted vampire whereas the other is not. The good one feeds himself on the blood of animals and does not think of harming humans whereas the other, who is the elder, is dangerous, and has no issue in making humans his dinner.

The schoolgirl, who does not know about it, when came to know, she had to struggle between both, the supernatural world of vampires and the supernatural the world of humans. She falls for the good one but the bad one also wants her desperately and here the war begins.

He makes her happy and able to believe in herself. He challenges her to become her best self, and subsequently oblivious and distracts her from the dangers that lurk beyond. Lucky for her, certain powers of her own are beginning to wake, which have been subdued since childhood, as well as having a circle of friends.


The series is based on a novel written by Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith. She is also the screenwriter of 10 Things I Hate About you and Legally Blonde. The story is based on the friendship of three girls, their struggles of teens, peer pressure, family drama, and how they tackle it.

The story involves the chemistry between the three which helped them and kept them fighting. The friends who shared interest in shortlisting.

The story starts when the three friends meet each other. Moe, one of the friends has a very painful background whereas the second friend Tabitha, has everything, a girl wants, money, beauty, and a handsome boyfriend who worships her but she still shoplifts for the thrill.

The third friend despite being a good girl was a kleptomaniac. The story begins when the richest friend challenges her two friends to steal and then the story turns.


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