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Overcome the Challenge of Choosing a Suitable Snowboard

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Snowboarding is among Australia’s most popular outdoor sports activities in other countries. It takes a lot of technique and time to practice different tricks to get better at snowboarding. More practice will gradually make you an expert at snowboarding. But other than the efforts you make, you need a suitable snowboard to perform exceptionally well.

While looking for snowboards for sale online, do not rush and buy a snowboard that is getting sold at a low price. Choosing a snowboard is not an easy process unless you know the factors based on which you should buy it. This post will find essential tips that you must consider when buying a snowboard. So whether you are a pro-level snowboarder or just starting with snowboarding, you might find the information in the helpful article to make a correct decision.

How to choose an excellent snowboard to get outstanding performance?

  • Choose a board of a suitable length.

While you choose a snowboard based on its length, you have to consider a few factors such as your weight, height, ability, and riding style. The rules are simple; if you weigh more, you’ll need a snowboard that is more in length. But you can’t alone consider your weight. The proportion of your weight and height will matter to choosing a suitable snowboard. For example, if you are 5.10 or 6ft tall and weigh 75kgs, you should prefer a 155cm length board.

Also, if you are a novice and want to ride on smoother surfaces, you can choose a longer board. In contrast, if you have a free-ride style, you must prefer a small-length board that allows you to maintain control and perform new tricks and stunts.

  • Choose a board according to the required width.

The width of your snowboard is equally important as its length. It would be best to consider your feet size when choosing a snowboard. Suppose you have wider feet and choose a narrow board; this is called a boot overhang. So technically, your boots are going out of the board, allowing snow to stick to the boosts and cause trouble while riding. In contrast, if you buy a wider board than your feet, it’ll be hard to make a move. Ideally, 1 or 2cm of boot overhang is alright, but nothing more than that will result in riding accidents.

  • Choose a snowboard according to your ability.

Boards are designed for different ability levels. The ability of a snowboarder is a primary factor in buying an ideal snowboard. A beginner’s board will be easier to ride on smoother terrains. At the same time, an expert snowboarder will prefer a board that gives them more control to ride on unpredictable terrain. So, understand whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert-level rider and search for snowboards for salebased on your ability.

  • Choose according to the style.

Every snowboarder has a particular style. If you are a beginner, you wouldn’t know much about snowboarding styles, and you can quickly learn about them. But what’s important is that you don’t forget about your style while choosing a snowboard. For example, free-ride and freestyle are two styles commonly preferred by a snowboarder.

A free-rider is a more experienced snowboarder who would prefer the board to move fast and can maintain its balance while jumping and jiggling between obstacles. The board for a free ride typically has a different shape, flex, and stiffness. Similarly, you’ll find various other board styles according to your riding style.

So, do you think you can buy a suitable snowboard now? Check out the best brands in Australia, offering a wide range of snowboarding safety gears and accessories.

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