Saturday, September 23, 2023

Overwatch 2 suffers another DDoS Attack and character removal bugs

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The release of Overwatch 2 was a bit of a mess because of targeted DDoS attacks. Blizzard said this week that another DDOS attack caused login problems on

Also, Blizzard had to cut down on the number of characters in Overwatch 2 so that they could “iron out a few bugs.” Unfortunately, this has led to a new bug that has made even more Overwatch 2 characters inaccessible to some players.

What did the official Twitter handle of Overwatch 2 mention?

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Blizzard discussed the DDoS attack encountered on the official customer service Twitter account. It looks like this has been fixed. However, it still caused much trouble for players of both Overwatch 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Yesterday, when some players tried to get into a game, they saw a screen that said, “ is busy today,” and that they had been put in a line because of this.

How did Overwatch 2 become the talk of the town?

People on the Modern Warfare subreddit quickly figured out this was because. As the DDoS attack was already been discussed.

Later that same day, the company acknowledged the attack and said: “A DDoS are currently attacking us. This may cause some players to have high latency or be kicked out of the game. We are working hard to solve this problem.”

Many people are now worried about the release of Modern Warfare 2. While some see the release of Overwatch 2 as an awful sign. It’s already been said that you’ll need a cell phone to play the next Call of Duty.

Yesterday, Blizzard said that Bastion and Torbjorn would be “taking a quick trip to the workshop” to give the developer time to fix some “bugs in their ability kits.”

Horror Overwatch 2 launch rolls on with more issues as suffers  yet another DDoS attack - TopTekNews

Is the team managing maintenance?

At this point, Blizzard said Bastion would not be available in any mode. However, Torbjorn could still be played in Quick Play. But while this maintenance was ongoing, players quickly realized they couldn’t use other characters like Kiriko, Ashe, Echo, and Mei, to name a few.

As part of its ongoing “Known Issues” forum post, Blizzard has fixed this new bug that wasn’t meant to be there. The company said this bug was “caused by a problem with  servers that track player progress.”

The latest news about this problem says that the Overwatch 2 team is working “as quickly as possible” to find a solution. Some players say this problem has been fixed. While others still have to wait for their rosters to be fully restored.



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