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Ozark Fans Are Just Realizing Where They’ve Seen Camila Before!

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Who Is Camila In Ozark

It is a great time for Ozark fans to watch the show with more interest as they realize the previous works of Camila. But, of course, you already know about the character of Camila in this show and her importance of her. But does she look very familiar?

In the thrilling plot, the cartel leader’s mother is Camila. Moreover, her other identity is being the sister of the former cartel leader, Omar Navarro. The twisting tales of the will drive into confusion many times regarding the actual intention of this character. You are going to get a shock after knowing that Camila was the mastermind behind her death of Ruth.

Who Is Camila In Ozark?

However, it is really strange that she supported Omar and saved him in prison when he wanted to guard Ruth. As a matter of fact, Ruth killed Camila’s daughter Javi. So, the whole story is full of mysteries and inter-connections. The intriguing plot will not let you blink your eyes.

Who Is Camila In Ozark

Please stay with us if you wish to know more about Camila and where you have seen her before. This article will give all the answers and make you enjoy the unknown information thoroughly.

Secrets Of The Cartel Boss Revealed

Camila Navarro is the cartel queen in the story of Ozark. Her ruthlessness, attitude, dominating nature, power, and confidence will greatly attract the viewer. However, you may feel that you have already seen this woman elsewhere in the same character.

The finale episode of Ozark has already premiered on Netflix, and now is the time to analyze different aspects of the show. While putting the feedback, Twitter is also getting flooded with a very common question. It relates to Veronica Falcon, aka Camila, and her previous projects. Most fans could not recognize where they had seen the lady in a similar character of negative shade. Interestingly, the name of that character was also Camila. It is a coincidence that the fans realized much later.

Love For Camila

Ozark showed that people could shower immense love on the negative character also, depending on the actor’s performance and the plot of the series. Hence, Camila succeeded in creating a permanent place in her fan’s hearts and minds.

Before playing Camila in Ozark, Veronica acted in the Queen of the South crime drama series. The most exciting part is that her character’s name and profession were similar to Ozark only. In the current show, she was playing Camila Navarro; on the other hand, in the former show, her name was Camila Vargas. Moreover, as per the story of that series, Camila Vargas was the leader of a cartel.

After realizing so many similarities between the two characters of Veronica, many were skeptical. They felt whether there was any link between the two shows. But in reality, it is only a coincidence, and no other connection exists between the two shows.

What The Fans Say

A fan tweeted that he loves both the characters immensely. Moreover, the significant similarities made most of their followers of Veronica get attracted to the actress more than ever. It was evident that no one could be a better fit in the role of a cartel head other than Veronica Falcon. Camila is now an iconic character in Hollywood to indicate the boss of any cartel. The cunning lady is always ready to make some profitable deals. She does not show mercy when it comes to winning over a situation. Hence, you cannot call such a character fully a villain of the show. Instead, Camila is the eye-catcher and will let you stay stuck to the screen till the end.

Veronica is the best to play a cartel lady leader dealing with drugs so spontaneously and creating a fear across the whole city. Although she is the most wanted, no police can ever take her into custody. The Camelia magic is present among all the fans of both shows. So, the eagerness to watch more of the story does not leave the minds of the loyal followers.

One of the fans wrote that now it is clear where Camelia fled from Queen of the South. She is now living a great life in Ozark. So, here is the mystery. Another fan sarcastically gave a theory that if anyone is searching for Camila in the Queen of the South, he must watch Ozark to get her.

Some other theories stated that it cannot be fully believed to be a coincidence. So much similarity between the character names cannot happen just like that. The two shows only changed the last names, keeping the first names intact.

However, the makers or the artists are only enjoying the comments. Hence, they did not give any reply to the same. Hence, the theories of the fans are thus prevailing to justify the characters in two different shows, displaying Veronica as the central character.

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