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Pearl Sudden illness, Teddy is to blame!

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In this week’s episode, the task force faces a tough spot. They will again have to deal with a corruption case in Season 3 of Law & Order Organized Crime Episode 8. It could be a pivotal episode for the show since they have already dealt with such a case. Apart from this, the show will take a break for Thanksgiving on November 24, 2022. But do not worry. There will be more in December. Keep reading to find out about the next installment.

Law & Order organized crime season 3 episode 8

Law & Order Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 8: What Happens Next?

The upcoming episode, titled “Whipping Post,” will once again take Stabler and his group back to where they started. The team will be dealing with a casino case and the drama that comes with it. But before that, Stabler goes to visit Pearl, who suddenly falls ill. Her mysterious illness will be a source of concern, especially given her past actions. She asked her husband to leave this business, but he refused, and now Stabler believes that Teddy has something to do with Pearl’s mysterious illness. He will be to blame in this case. But of course he will deny that.

Meanwhile, Tia continues to help the task force on their next case. Well, she’s already accomplished her mission and it’s time to leave New York. But Tia decides to stay in New York so she can keep flirting with Stabler. However, it will have a major impact on the task force, and it will affect Bell in particular. She will do her best to keep the task force united in handling the case, believing that things will run more smoothly. As for the casino business, things will be out of the hands of Stabler and their team members.

Law & Order organized crime season 3 episode 8

A quick summary!

In the previous episode, Jamie and Jet went undercover to help Detective Tia Leonetti apprehend a jewelry smuggler. She was Stabler’s former partner at the NYPD in Rome. She moved to New York in search of Abramov, who was smuggling the gold. Meanwhile, Abramov killed his teammate while asking for more gold. Reyes managed to talk to Abramov and got the better of one of the girls working. At the same time, Jamie was focused on taking down Teddy Silas, so he talked to Pearl Serrano.

The girl’s information was correct; with the girl’s help, they found Abramov’s warehouse where he kept the gold. The detectives also found the skull of the person he killed. Meanwhile, Tia and Stabler obtained information from a member of North Africa where Abramov was about to transport gold. They all chased Abramov, who was preparing to leave the place. But the task force stopped him at an airport. The NYPD also managed to find more girls held hostage by Abramov. As for Teddy, Pearl asked him to leave this company, but he wouldn’t.

Law & Order organized crime season 3 episode 8

Law & Order Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 8: Release Date

Stabler finds himself in a sticky situation and now he must find a way to deal with another corruption case. Can he handle it while his personal life is on edge? You’ll find it in Law & Order Organized Crime Season 3, Episode 8, which airs November 17, 2022 at 10 p.m. on NBC. The all-new episode airs every Thursday on NBC. You can also catch it on Peacock. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you posted.


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