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Plastic Waste Reduction Start-up Zero Co. switches to body products

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Byron Bay, a plastic reduction startup, Zero Co has shifted its focus from what’s under the sink to what’s in the bathroom vanity, launching the world’s first refillable and plastic (SUP)-free shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and more. single use body products.

Zero Co founder Mike Smith said: beauty industry is a major contributor to Australia’s plastic problem with approximately 180 million bottles of hair care, deodorant and skin care that is purchased annually from supermarkets and of which only 15% is recycled.

The rollout of the body products comes six months after the sustainability startup, which launched in November 2020, raised $11 million from crowdfunding and venture capital.

The new range expands Zero Co’s range to 14 products for personal care and household cleaning products, including two newly released fragrances of hand wash and body wash.

“We hope that by supplying our products CO2 negative with the option to subscribe and ensure their efficiency rivals supermarket competitors, we can: Convince everyday Aussies that it’s actually really easy to make the switch and start taking small steps towards big change,” said Smith.

“Our community has the significant impact that individuals can have on a massive, global problem. Thanks to their support, we have removed the equivalent of 803,083 water bottles of waste from oceans and beaches in the past year and a half by funding cleanups in Australia.”

Meanwhile, Zero Co’s Pouch Recovery Machine is the first of its kind technologydeveloped to clean and disinfect used refill bags returned by Zero Co customers (free in a certified mail envelope) for refill.

Smith said Pouch Recovery Machine has prevented the equivalent of nearly 800,000 water bottles from going to landfill.

“We need to move towards a circular economy and, by adopting or consuming habits, brands that support this movement, you actively choose to protect our planet and minimize your footprint,” he said.

Zero Co’s new body range was developed with the advice of Dr. Kate Forbes, the former global main product at Aesop, and its free of silicones, parabens and EDTA.

“It’s a brilliant concept and a solution to an important challenge for the beauty industry, said Dr. Kate Forbes.

“The innovative pouch cleaning solution developed by Zero Co has enabled us to make these products in the liquid format that make it easy for our customers. It’s been incredibly difficult, but the team has been persistent in creating products that leave no barrier to entry because of environmental friendliness.”

More about the new bodywork range is available at:

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