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Popular Types of Online Gambling in New Zealand

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Online gambling in New Zealand is a very popular activity in 2022. Kiwis spend around $2 billion a year about gambling every year, and a significant portion of that amount goes to the best NZ online casinos.

Today’s article will mainly focus on online gambling in NZ.

Here we’ve explained everything about gambling laws, games, types of online gambling, the payment methods and more.

Introduction to Online Gambling in NZ

Due to factors such as the demographics of the general population in New Zealand, online casino facilities are in high demand.

In NZ, several betting platforms can work for this.

However, some complications can arise for the players in NZ such as the different rules for different real money gaming platforms. That is why in NZ it is essential to fully understand these aspects first so that players can avoid any possible setback merely due to lack of knowledge.

Is online gambling legal in New Zealand?

Yes, online gambling is only legal in NZ if you play at online casinos abroad or gambling platforms regulated by NZ Gambling Commission† However, under the Gambling Act 2003, some aspects of online gambling are illegal in New Zealand, such as marketing and advertising gambling sites without a license from NZGC.

How do you spot the best online gambling sites in NZ?

An essential aspect of gambling and playing casinos in NZ is selecting those who are reliable and honest in their dealings.

If players do not focus on this area, they can fall victim to multiple frauds and in some extreme cases lose all the money.

However, there are multiple factors that can help you determine the trustworthiness of any particular online gambling platform in NZ.

By checking the selected platform against these five factors, you can decide whether a particular online gambling website is trustworthy or not. Including:

Payment methods

  • One of the essential aspects here is the quality of payment methods. Payment methods must be reliable and secure. If not, then something is wrong. Also, online casino sites with fast payouts are trendy in NZ. Every NZ betting platform must accept at least one banking method that offers instant withdrawal times.

Casino Reviews

  • If you are new to a platform, it may be a good idea to look at the reviews of the existing players. If something is wrong in the casino, in this case you will find out here. The online gambling review forums are a reliable way to learn about any online gambling platform.

Game quality

  • The nature of the game itself can prove to be a reliable method of learning about the reliability of the game. If the game asks you for fishy offers, you could be the victim of a scam. Therefore, it would help if you stayed away from such a platform.

winning streaks

  • The winning streaks can also be a red alert that warns about the nature of the game itself. No reliable game has frequent winning lines. The frequency of the winning streaks of some players around you can speak volumes about the casino’s biased algorithms, and you can fall prey to them.

Platform Popularity

  • The popularity of the platform or game is another important factor here. The reputation of popular brands should be clean and players should be happy. These types of casinos have a lot to lose and they are aware that any action such as fraud, counterfeit games and ill-treating players can lead to the demise of their casino or game along with legal action against them.

Types of online gambling

There are various forms of online gambling available to players from all over the world and in New Zealand.

We have explained the most popular forms of online gambling below.

online casino

Online casinos are arguably one of the most popular forms of virtual gambling in New Zealand. Online casino gambling sites allow players to get real-life experiences.

It could be due to high graphics quality and great collection of games. The variety of games within online casinos is also an important aspect. We can play all land based casino games in online casinos and even more.

Also, the live dealer casino option allows you to play against real people in real time.

In most cases dealers are beautiful and friendly attractive girls, but there are also handsome men dealers for all female gamblers.

Sports betting

Players can place sports betting on various casino platforms in NZ and a variety of sportsbooks.

The most popular gambling sports are rugby union, rugby league, football, cricket, horses, basketball, netball, etc.

Sports betting is one of the oldest and one of the most popular sources of online gambling in NZ.

The most popular platform in New Zealand is TAB NZ but if you are looking for better odds and higher final winnings then you should check out other sports betting abroad.

In our list below we have listed the best sports betting sites with the highest odds and the best collection of sports offered to bet on.

You can also learn about sports betting tips and strategies on our betting page online in the menu, as well as check out many other betting sites.


Bingo online is a popular game in NZ and is played worldwide. Bingo can now also be played online in NZ.

Its different dynamics work online, making it reliable and a popular source for online betting and gambling.

Bingo is a simple game that you can enjoy and play it slowly, older people love bingo but younger people want it too.


Lotteries are also popular in NZ. Several online platforms are available for this. All transactions, as well as the results, take place online.

horse racing

Horse racing is a high-end gambling scene in NZ, and it includes:

  • Whole blood
  • Standard bred (harness)

Standardbred or harness is also known as “trotting” in New Zealand, with the first event being recorded in 1864.

Online gambling for real money

For online gambling, players can also use real money. For this purpose, players can make use of reputable online resources such as Visa and MasterCard

The most widely used payment method in NZ is the POLi payment at online casinos.

Grab the bonuses!

One of the most important aspects here in the casino is the provision of bonuses for the players in NZ.

There is a criterion for the players to get the bonus, and it is not possible to get the rewards without meeting the stated criteria.

The people who get these online bonuses are subject to tax.

The NZ online gambling sites also offer these bonuses on a random basis to increase the motivation of the players and attract newer players to the casino in NZ.

The most popular bonuses are deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and free spins.

Play responsibly!

Due to the nature of the casino, it is essential to understand the aspect of responsibility in this area.

Online gambling must contain the rules of online ethics and strict action is taken against those who cheat or use unfair means to win on these online gambling platforms in New Zealand.

All players should only play for real money for entertainment and fun.

Mobile gambling

A mobile gambling option has also been developed for online casinos and gambling in NZ. Mobile gaming is done to increase the utility of gamers. Those who want to enjoy mobile games can do so even while traveling or at work in the spare time.

It is also an essential aspect as it has significantly increased the number of players. Many new people are attracted to this online platform because of its higher level of usability.

Online gambling websites NZ are available to players via iOS, Android and Windows devices. 95% percent of these casino platforms are mobile friendly and you will have no problem playing it on your mobile.

Online Gambling Laws in NZ

There are multiple laws intact that deal with online gambling laws in New Zealand. New Zealand is a country of 4.78 million inhabitants, which calls for prudent laws to deal with the area in question.

The laws deal with aspects such as taxes and legal boundaries. The people who gamble online in the casino have to pay tax on their winnings.

These taxes may differ based on the number of winnings and so on. The taxes may also vary from casino to casino based on the nature of the casino.

These taxes can be calculated on the website or by consulting New Zealand tax rates.

But if you play at online casinos abroad, as a resident of New Zealand, you don’t have to pay any tax on your winnings.

History of Online Gambling

Traces of casino games date back to 1638 in Venice, Italy 1638. Over time, with the advancement of technology, the popularity of gambling has soared thanks to innovations and methods. However, a problem with many of today’s players is that they can’t find the time to play or go to the casino every weekend.

This can be due to multiple complications, such as time and financial constraints. Gambling platforms have developed the ability to gamble online in a manner similar to a real casino in NZ. The popularity of such media has risen constantly due to the high level of gambling in NZ.

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