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Priyanka Chopra Finally Shared The Reason Why She Dropped The Jonas Surname, She Called It Vulnerabl

Why would Priyanka Chopra drop Jonas’s surname? Once the couple gets married then people started focusing more on their personal life than they used to do before marriage. It happens the same with our celebrities. Paps wants to know everything about their married life, they want to know whether their married life going easy or hard.

If something comes as a hint of their split then it roams all over the internet. Something like this has happened with Priyanka Chopra Jonas who recently has removed her surname.

Priyanka Chopra who is now 39 years old has recently changed her name from Priyanka Chopra Jonas to Priyanka Chopra on Instagram. Due to this, a lot of rumors started coming about the split between Nick Jonas and her.

Priyanka and Nick married each other after a few months of dating days. A lot of people hated them due to their rush towards marriage and others hated them due to their age gap, Priyanka being 10 years older than Nick. But when it comes to couples then they have not given any such rumors any space in their life.

Recently Priyanka was featured as a cover girl for a magazine and during the interview, she was asked about removing the surname of Jonas. In reply to it, Priyanka said that she wanted to protect herself from the interest of the public.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Splitting?

She said that a lot of people have an interest in her marriage to Nick and that’s why she is setting limitations to it. She called these things, the rumors, vulnerable. She said she removed the title because of the unnecessary noise that is there on social media. She even said that she gives more credence to her actual life. She even called these all situations a professional hazard.

It is clear that Priyanka is a very hardworking woman. She wants to focus more on her career and wants to keep her personal life, especially with Nick, more private than it used to be and that’s why she took this action. She said that since she realized that the entertainment industry takes so much out of her and that’s why she wants to protect herself and her personal life.

It just takes the soul out of her. She said that she can’t even fall, can’t even trip, she has to always make sure that she is saying the right thing, she should not make my kind of mistake because every time someone is watching her, the whole world is watching her.

After the rumors of a split, Priyanka has uploaded a lot of pictures of Nick sometimes celebrating Christmas and New year. Due to this, the rumors of the split went down to hell but still, fans wanted to know the reason for her dropping the Jonas Surname.

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