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puvvada ajay kumar saval to ponguleti srinivasa reddy cafe madrid

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puvvada ajay kumar saval to ponguleti srinivasa reddy

BRS leaders line up and challenge former MP Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy. Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy is known to have met with his followers in the name of Atmiya Sammelanam in recent days and criticized BRS. Ponguleti recently said in a spiritual meeting organized recently in Ashwaraopeta..they are not suspended.. Dammante challenged him to be suspended. He said he had been invited to all functions of the party so far and prayed for his victory, but now he says he is not a member of BRS.

He said that the power is not the money, but the public decision is the final decision. Will there be electricity anywhere in the state 24 hours a day? He asked. It is alleged that only 20 percent of the loan was forgiven. Can CM KCR answer this? He laid that down. He said the power belongs to no one. He made it clear that no matter how many difficulties he encountered, he would not back down. He noted that in Kurukshetra all the Kauravas were on one side, but today there are millions of hearts supporting Sheenanna and the fact is that you are washed away in that storm. Khammam district BRS party chairman and MLC Tatha Madhu responded to these comments. Madhu demanded an open discussion about the injustice done to Ponguleti by the BRS party. All politics of Ponguleti is gossip politics.

And now Minister Puvvada has also challenged Ponguleti. Puvwada Ajay challenged that Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy should resign from BRS party if he is upset. Puvwada participated in the meeting of BRS party workers organized under the leadership of Khammam District Vaira MLA Ramulu Nayak. The minister demanded that all leaders who praise Ponguleti after winning via BRS party B form resign immediately. For the rest, the party’s disciplinary measures are not wrong. Everyone at BRS is loyal to KCR. Puvvada concluded that my brand is not my group. People like BRS party, KCR, Ponguleti have been seen by many people in the state. Those who left the shadow of KCR lost their political lives. The leaders made by KCR think they are too big. He warned that once KCR leaves his hand, their progress will deteriorate. Some parties are also held. He criticized that those parties have become pandabbas.

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