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Rachael Taylor’s Naked Truth

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Not one to stay in the spotlight, Rachael Taylor doesn’t have to rely on the status of her partners to maintain her celebrity status. Australian actress and model Taylor stepped into the Hollywood lights when she debuted as the popular figure, Maggie, in the movie “Transformers”. Since then, she has appeared in notable and iconic films such as the “Charlie’s Angels” remake and the ever-popular “Grey’s Anatomy”. Rachael is also known for the scandal surrounding her recent relationships; this is through no fault of her own, but because of the domestic violence she has suffered and the secretive nature of her most recent relationship.

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Early life and family

Rachael Taylor was born on July 11, 1984 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia to British parents Cristine and Nigel Taylor.

Rachel Taylor

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As the only child of the couple, Taylor enjoyed a comfortable childhood, showered with love and care. Both her parents and her grandparents owned caravans, which allowed them to bond closely around family vacations and East Coast travel. Today she still has an affinity for her homeland and describes Tasmania as ‘a beautiful confused beauty’. It’s a majestic place.’

Rachael’s future careers were announced at an early age. She had a clear interest in acting, taking part in multiple school plays and even trying her hand at modeling and pageantry. In 1988, at the age of 14, she entered the Miss Teen Tasmania beauty pageant, marking her first win in the beauty industry.

However, this is not a phase in her life that Taylor likes to remember. She told Australian “The Fitzy & Wippa Show‘ that ‘It is the humiliation of my life. It was really embarrassing.” She did participate in the state finals, she soon left this life to enter a new phase of her life.


Like most of her life, Rachael Taylor’s education follows an eventful pattern. Taylor attended Riverside High School in her hometown, but at age 16 she already knew she wanted to be an actress. For a while, and much persuasion, Taylor later moved to Sydney to become an actress. Under the original agreement she and her parents had made, she would complete her high school career through correspondence.

Rachel Taylor

Rachel told “The Sunday Morning Herald‘ that she eventually had to return to Launceston to properly complete her education. Despite this hiccup, Taylor still did well enough to qualify for a degree in history and politics. She attended the University of Sydney to get her degree but postponed her studies to pursue her acting career. She has since returned to university to study International Relations. What comes as a surprise to many is the fact that Rachael never had any formal training in acting and learned everything on the job.


Acting and modeling

Rachael Taylor began her career as a model for Skye-Jilly International Agency when she was just a teenager, but soon graduated from the beauty industry to acting and film.

Taylor has previously said that “women are asked to be too considerate of their beauty” and have therefore opted for a career that focuses more on innate skills than physical attributes.

Taylor’s first movie adventure came when she was cast in “The Mystery of Natalie Wood” in 2004. The film followed the stories of friends’ family to create a flowing narrative of the life and mysterious death of actress Natalie Wood, perhaps best known for playing Mary in “West Side Story”. She then had a few minor roles before finally landing a lead role in the Australian TV series “Headland” in 2005 – for her performance on the series, she has received a Logie Award for Most Popular New Female Talent.

In 2006, Rachael Taylor made his way to Los Angeles and the bright lights of Hollywood.

This turned out to be one of the best moves of her career as she was cast as Maggie Madsen in “Transformers” in 2007. This was a pivotal point in her career, allowing her to partner with the star-studded cast that included household names such as Megan Fox, prolific Josh Duhamel, and French-American actor Shia LeBeouf.

After her Hollywood debut, Rachael Taylor became one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry, appearing in multiple films, including “Red Dog” (2011), “The Loft” (2014) and “Finding Steve McQueen” (2019). and scoring a recurring role on “Grey’s Anatomy”. Taylor also plays the role of Trish Walker in the Marvel series “Jessica Jones”, incredibly important to her as it focuses on a woman trapped in an abusive relationship and its effect.

Having experienced this herself, she feels she can be passionate about the project and seizes the opportunity to bring this topic to light.

Writing and producing

Like many actresses and actors in the industry, Taylor quickly became interested in what goes on behind the scenes to make movies and series. Rachael co-created and directed the web series “PILLOW TALK”, which ran from 2017, and currently has another series in the pipeline, which she co-developed with Sharon Horgan of “Hello Merman”.

Private life

Rachael Taylor currently lives on the beach a short distance from Santa Monica. She loves to cook and has many friends in the acting community. She says she finally has confidence in her body and herself. She has a loving relationship with her current boyfriend; however, things haven’t always been so idyllic.

Rachael Taylor and Matthew Newton

Rachel and Matthew started dating in 2008 and the public was staring at the cute couple’s relationship with staring eyes. Still, there was a much darker side to Matthew than the public knew – he had previously been charged with four offenses against his previous girlfriend, Brooke Sachwell, including stalking and assault. Ultimately, his lawyer managed to get him off his probation, arguing that he was unlikely to repeat the offense. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Rachael and Matthew became engaged, but their happiness was soon shattered. After being thrown from a bar in 2010 after a brief altercation with a man who had approached Rachael, Newton later that night attacked his fiancée at their hotel, allegedly punching Taylor in the face, leaving her with a concussion and a sprained jaw. .

News of the time revealed that, in addition to his psychological problems, Newton had abused alcohol and used various narcotics, including cocaine, methamphetamines and marijuana. Taylor then filed for a warrant for Newton’s arrest and the two ended their relationship. Rachael claimed she had suffered all kinds of abuse – verbal, psychological and physical – at the hands of her fiancé for at least a year. This was not the end of her troubles with Newton, as he later violated the terms of his AVO in 2011. Newton spent much of his life treating his bipolar disorder and was given an extensive criminal record, including the alleged assault of a 66-year-old cab driver, resisting arrest twice, burglary and battery.

Taylor reveals that she used to feel “stupid” and ashamed of being a victim of abuse, but now she’s using this experience to empower other women. She can’t help herself with the tattoo on the inside of her wrist that reads ‘Matthew’, but she has transformed herself into a stronger and more resilient woman. Since these events, she has opened up to various sources to discuss the abuse she has suffered, as well as her recovery process.

Rachel Taylor and Mike Piscitelli

Rachael has kept her more recent relationship out of the public eye. She and Mike, a photographer and director, dated for two years before finally releasing that information to the public in 2015. Taylor says their relationship makes her most proud, especially after her traumatic experience with Newton.

Rachael has been wearing an engagement ring on her ring finger since 2017, which many suspect is an engagement ring. The public is wondering if she and Mike tied the knot, but such rumors have not been confirmed by the parties involved.


Rachael Taylor is a reportedly beautiful actress with a pale complexion and shoulder length blond hair and light green eyes. Taylor is slim and sticks to a healthy workout routine. She is 1.72 m tall and weighs 57 kg.

Net worth and salary

Taylor has caused ripples in the industry, from small roles in local movies and TV series to major Hollywood movies. Her net worth mirrors her journey, growing to an estimated $4 million. While some may think this is a paltry sum, Taylor isn’t looking for prizes and glitz and glamour. She just does what she loves and lives the life that makes her happiest.


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