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Rani Mukerji Says Daughter Adira Was Two Months Early Sangbad Pratidin cafe madrid

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News Daily Digital Desk: Despite the controversy surrounding the movie ‘Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway’, the film was quite successful at the box office. The audience is impressed with Rani’s performance. Meanwhile, Rani shared her experience with her daughter Adira. Recently, Rani said in an interview that after giving birth to Adira, she had to spend her days in fear.

In an interview, Rani said, “After becoming a mother, every girl changes a little bit. The whole idea starts around the child. Adira is a premature baby. Adira was much smaller than the other children when she was born. I was very scared. Those days were very stressful. “

[আরও পড়ুন: সিঁদুর পরে বউয়ের সাজে ছবি পোস্ট রিমঝিম মিত্রর, বিয়েটা কি সেরে ফেললেন? ]

Allegations of negligence in raising children were leveled against expatriate Bangladeshi couple Bhattacharya and Sagarika Bhattacharya (now Sagarika Chakraborty). Their two children have been placed in foster care by the Norwegian government. After a long struggle, Sagarika got her children. Director Asima Chibbar has presented her story in the movie ‘Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway’. And Rani played the role of Devika inspired by Sagarika.

A few days ago, Hans Jacob Friedenlund objected to this photo of the Queen. According to him, the film misrepresents Norwegian ideas about family life. To which Sagarika and ‘Mrs Chatterjee’ producer Nikhil Advani responded. Meanwhile, the common people of Norway love the movie too.

[আরও পড়ুন: সিঁদুর পরে বউয়ের সাজে ছবি পোস্ট রিমঝিম মিত্রর, বিয়েটা কি সেরে ফেললেন? ]

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