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Refreshed by Netflix? Know what the future holds

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The first season of Netflix’s steamy drama series ended with Billie, Cooper and Brad at the crossroads when Billie’s husband learned about her affair with Brad. What does it mean for their marriage? Will they get back together or break up for good? Fans are waiting for Sex/Life Season 2 to answer these questions. Fortunately, Netflix has given the second season the green light.

Sex/Life, created by Stacy Rukeyser, is an erotic romantic drama series that debuted last June. The show follows married woman Billie Connelly, who has an affair with her ex-boyfriend Brad, while her devoted husband is unaware.

What to expect from Sex/Life Season 2?

Sex/Life Season 2

Sex/Life season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, with Billie deciding whether to keep her life as it is with her husband Cooper or pursue a future with Brad. She decided to stay married to Cooper, but she didn’t end business with Brad either. Meanwhile, unaware that Cooper is hot on her heels, she catches her visiting her ex-boyfriend. As a result, Cooper calls Francesca for comfort, who is already interested in him.

When the series returns with Sex/Life Season 2, things will no doubt get more complicated for Billie and Cooper. If Cooper finds out about his wife’s affair, he may try to divorce her. Fans can watch the development of Billie and Brad’s strained relationship at the same time. In addition, flashes of their troubled and sexually charged histories will be on display. The next season will probably also play an important role for Billie’s buddy Sasha. The ever-changing love triangle could have a completely new member.

Who will star in the second season?

Season 2 of Sex/Life'

The cast of the erotic drama is led by Sarah Shahi in the role of Billie Connelly. Meanwhile, the series features Cooper as her husband, Mike Vogel, Adam Demos as Brad, and Sasha as Margaret Odette. The cast of the series also includes Phoenix Reich as Hudson, Jonathan Sadowski as Devon and Franceska, played by Li Jun Li.

In addition, Caroline is played by Meghan Heffern, Olga Joyce Rivera plays Olga and Lauren Collins as Mrs. Brenda. Furthermore, Hannah Galway plays Lauren Collins and Graham Parkhurst plays the role of Romi’s wife. When the show returns with Sex/Life Season 2, it will bring back all the main characters from the first season. At the same time, there may also be some new faces in Season 2 of Sex/Life.

When is Sex/Life Season 2 coming?

Season 2 of Sex/Life'

The first season of the romantic drama series premiered on Netflix on June 25, 2021. Meanwhile, talking about the future of the series, the good news is that Netflix has Greenlit for Sex/Life season 2. In September 2021, Digital Spy reported that the show would return with a second season. While the release date for the second season has not yet been announced, several reports are speculating that the second season could debut in early 2023.

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