Release date out? Stars hint at production updates! More critical missions are coming

After witnessing the events of the final episode of Doom Patrol, it’s irresistible for fans to wait for Doom Patrol Season 4. In the finale of the final season, The Doom Patrol met Sisterhood member Shelley, who she met for the crazy and takes them to the Fog. There, everything starts to fall apart when Mallah decides to go his way with the Brain. But it later caused more chaos in Doom Manor, leaving the door wide open for the fourth run. Let’s see what happens next in Doom Patrol Season 4.

Developed by Jeremy Carver, Doom Patrol follows a dysfunctional family where all children gain powers through tragic circumstances. They are treated by the Chief, who gives them a mansion to live in and protect them from the outside world. In the second season, Chief’s daughter Dorothy Spinner joined the group and created a mess by bringing imaginary friends to life. Meanwhile, other members explored new powers.

Doom Patrol Season 4: Has it been renewed yet?

Doom Patrol Season 4

Happy fans! In late 2021, Variety confirmed that HBO had renewed Max Doom Patrol for the fourth season. The news came as part of the DC FanDome event while the third season was still airing. In the third season, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Timothy Dalton, Joivan Wade, Michelle Gomez and Skye Roberts attended the event.

Doom Patrol Season 4: Who Could Be in the Cast?

Well, we can safely say that the remaining characters from the third season are returning for Doom Patrol season 4. These include Diane Guerrero as Jane, April Bowlby as Rita Farr, and Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor. Alongside them, Brendan Fraser returns as Cliff Steele with Joivan Wade as Victor Stone aka Cyborg. Additionally, Michelle Gomez will reprise her role as Madame Rouge. But unfortunately, Timothy Dalton’s character died at the beginning of the third season. So maybe he won’t return for the fourth run.

Doom Patrol Season 4

Doom Patrol Season 4: Has Shooting Started Yet?

The Doom Patrol season 4 renewal was announced in October 2021. Since then, fans have learned nothing more about the show. But luckily, during a conversation with CBR about his new series Ghosts Of The Ozarks, series star Phil Morris revealed its production status. He confirmed that shooting for the fourth season is about to begin. While he hasn’t given a tentative date yet, we can expect filming to begin earlier in March or April.

Doom Patrol Season 4: What Happens Next?

Recently Phil Morris dropped hints about what will happen next in the fourth run. He said filming has yet to begin. So as of now, he has no idea what will happen in Doom Patrol Season 4. However, he revealed that something is brewing between father and son. Morris revealed that Matthew and Silas both have the same kind of control and some hidden motives. They are committed to something on their journey.

Other than that, given the end of the third season, it looks like the team will be handling more critical missions. Furthermore, there is little chance that the Dead Boy Detectives will make their appearance next season. This is because there was still so much to discover. Furthermore, Doom Patrol Season 4 could also explore Robotman’s new body.

Doom Patrol Season 4

There are also words that could turn Rita into a villain in the next chapter after discovering her dark side. Meanwhile, Laura De Mille will struggle to become a hero. It looks like the whole crew will be working on themselves as they juggle their newfound responsibility.

Doom Patrol Season 4: Release Date

Doom Patrol Season 4 has yet to begin production. So it’s pretty early to predict when the fourth season will return. However, if filming starts in March 2022, there is a possibility that the fourth season will return to your screens next year. Until then, stay tuned to know more.


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