Release date out? What did Trussell say about the future?

Netflix’s adult animated series, The Midnight Gospel, revolves around an interdimensional space caster named Clancy Gilroy. The series created by Duncan Trussell has been a big hit since its first season. But fans crave more. So, will The Midnight Gospel Season 2 return? What are the odds?

Midnight Gospel Season 2: What’s Next For Clancy?

The first season of Midnight Gospel ended with Clancy Gilroy questioning the nature of its existence. We saw him get on a bus where everyone he had ever met on his adventures was there. There he asks one of them, “Am I dead?” The cliffhanger ending of the first season left fans baffled about the matter. Despite the fact that death plays an absolutely essential role in the plot of The Midnight Gospel, we’re skeptical that this is how things end for the main character.

Speaking about the end of the first season, Trussell said, “So for me, when it comes to the idea of ​​creatures living in a simulator or simulation theory itself, what I love about it is that it invites us to to ask the question: Are we real? Are we alive? Is this really happening? And if so, how do we know for sure? And so that’s my ambiguous answer to your question.”

When the animated series returns for Midnight Gospel Season 2, it could be picked up after the nail-biting end of the first season. Considering how the first season wrapped up, there’s a good chance The Midnight Gospel Season 2 will be thinking about death even more than the first season. The second season can explore the debate about reincarnation, the afterlife, eternal damnation from the eyes of Clancy Gilroy. The season may focus on concepts such as existentialism. Finally, to find out what Trussell and Ward will bring us next season, fans will have to wait for streaming giant Netflix to green-light the series for a second season.

When is Midnight Gospel Season 2 coming?

The entire first season of the adult animated series premiered on Netflix on April 20, 2020. Speaking of Season 2 of Midnight Gospel, even though the first season of the series has been a huge hit. However, Netflix is ​​taking some time before it decides to renew the show for Midnight Gospel season 2. So as of now, we don’t have a confirmed release date for the second season.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

However, showrunner Duncan Trussell stated in an interview, “There’s so much more to that world, and we’ve only just surfaced it, so I’d love to make another million episodes of Midnight Gospel because we’re only going to see the very, very basic world, and we didn’t really get into some of the other stuff that’s going on in the ribbon, which for me is really, really exciting. I just really want to tell that story.”

He continued, “There are so many more stories to tell about The Chromatic Ribbon. You know, we mapped that world, and we barely, barely got into that world. But nothing you see on that show—not a single word, not a single moment—was accidental. It all has to do with a very big history and a very deep story.” So there is more than a reasonable chance that the second season will come.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

In the fourth episode of The Midnight Gospel, Clancy travels through a medieval-style planet with Trudy Goodman. Trudy talks to Clancy about the meaning of forgiveness and how it’s good for mind and soul to let go of old grudges. Trudy shows Clancy that forgiveness doesn’t have to mean loving your enemies; it simply means that you are no longer concerned about an inspiring and enlightening moment. She makes an eloquent point about how choosing forgiveness can be liberating for the heart.

Midnight Gospel Cast!

Midnight Gospel Voice Cast: What the Actors Look Like in Real Life

In the animated series Midnight Gospel, the voice for the main character Clancy is provided by co-creator Duncan Trussell. He is also known for ‘Adventure Time’ and ‘Pretend Time’. On the other hand, Dr. Drew Pinsky put his voice to the bizarre gun-wielding president.

Meanwhile, the other main voice cast members include novelist Anne Lamott as hippo, while Damien Echols provides a voice as fish; Trudy Goodman calls warrior. In addition, the series also features the voices of Caitlin Doughty as the Grim Reaper, Joey Diaz, Natasha Leggero, Christina Pazsitzky, Johnny Pemberton, among others.

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