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Release in 2022? How will Tosh’s pregnancy affect her?

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BBC one’s Scottish crime drama series Shetland is one of the most popular crime drama series of its time. The fifth season, which ended on November 24, 2021, has fans on the edge of their seats after the overwhelming events of the finale. Since then, fans can’t wait to find out how the story will be revealed in Shetland Season 7. So, will Shetland return with another season? Discover it here-

Shetland is a famous Scottish mystery crime drama series that debuted on BBC One in 2013. The show created by David Kane is based on the highly acclaimed novel series by Ann Cleeves. The drama follows detective Jimmy Perez and his team, including Mackintosh, to solve criminal cases in Shetland Isles, Scotland.

Is Shetland Season 7 Coming?

Shetland season 7

The sixth season of Shetland, which premiered on BBC One on October 20, ended on November 24, 2021. Now, as most fans would already know, the network has confirmed the release of the sixth and seventh seasons together in 2019. The sixth. and seventh seasons were set to premiere in January 2020 and January 2021.

However, due to the impact of the covid19 pandemic, both seasons were delayed. There are several reports claiming that production for Shetland Season 7 is already underway. So, taking into account the time needed for the post-production phase, we can anticipate the release of Shetland’s seventh season in mid to late 2022.

What happened last season?

Shetland season 7

During the sixth season of Shetland, Jimmy has faced several challenges at once. His father suffers from dementia, while Jimmy tries to solve Galbraith’s murder. On the other hand, Donna Killick, who has been convicted of murder, is also back in town. Viewers saw Jimmy try to cope with his mother’s death, which has been hard on him.

Jimmy received the news that attorney Alex Galbraith was murdered on his doorstep. The biggest surprise of the sixth season, however, was when Jimmy and his friend Duncan were charged with the murder of Donna Killick in the city.

The sixth season finale also revealed to us that Jimmy Perez’ loyal and capable deputy, Tosh, is pregnant with her first baby. Earlier in the season, we saw Tosh deal with her internal conflicts about how she will manage the responsibilities of motherhood. She was confused about what to choose between her career and having a child. But later, Tosh bought a self-test kit to check the pregnancy after noticing that her sense of smell had increased.

What to expect from Shetland season 7?

Shetland season 7

Shetland’s sixth season was full of unexpected moments. Detective Jimmy Pérez and his companion Duncan were arrested for the murder of Donna Kllick. When the show returns for Shetland season 7, it will be exciting to find out with Jimmy in prison what direction the show writers have decided to go. His disdain for Donna was hidden, so Donna staged all this to get back at Jimmy and his friend or someone else behind the murder.

Meanwhile, with Tosh expecting a baby, she won’t be able to give her undivided attention to prove Jimmy and Duncan’s innocence. We can also see some new faces in the picture to make things even more interesting in Shetland Season 7.

Is DS ‘Tosh’ McIntosh Pregnant?

One of the highlights of Shetland’s sixth season was the reveal in the season finale that Tosh, who is a capable and reliable companion for the detective, is pregnant with her first child. We’ve seen her consider becoming a mom earlier in the season. But she wasn’t sure if she had to choose one thing between her career and having a baby.

Shetland season 7

Nevertheless, towards the end of the season, we saw Tosh buy a pregnancy test kit after her sense of smell improved. At the end of the season we saw her checking the results of the pregnancy test. And how her surprised face turned into a big smile, we know this Tosh is pregnant. Things will be very different for her in the upcoming Shetland Season 7.

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