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Renewed? Production is about to start! What’s next for David?

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In 2018, Line Of Duty creator Jed Mercurio came up with a stunning political thriller series, Bodyguard. The show reached greater heights that left fans questioning the future of Bodyguard Season 2. However, we have bittersweet news for fans of the series. BBC One has not yet announced the future of the show. Well, it’s been almost five years, and yet the network has remained silent. But it looks like things will change soon as the creator recently opened up about the potential Bodyguard season 2.

Created by Jed Mercurio, the series revolves around Police Sergeant David Budd, a British Army war veteran currently battling PTSD. He is now appointed as Chief Protection Officer for the Royalty and Specialist Protection Division of the London Metropolitan Police Service. He works to maintain the security of Secretary of the Interior Julia Montague. But he engages in some difficult tasks to steer clear of controversy.

Will it ever return?

Bodyguard season 2

In 2018, Mercurio teased that it was just getting started, and they began discussing a possible second season with the BBC. Richard Madden teased in November 2018 that he had decided to meet up with Mercurio to discuss Bodyguard season 2. He showed his excitement at what David has in store. But they were waiting for an official announcement. Shortly in 2019, the BBC stated that they were in talks and going through the logistics of the show.

Madden later told The Hollywood Reporter that they were talking about a possible second season. But they want to give at least a year to work on the possible future of the show. While fans eagerly awaited an official announcement, Mercurio addressed the situation in 2020. World Productions CEO Simon Heath called Bodyguard a great beast to come up with the drama. But he is confident to bring the show back.

Speaking of viewership, the series received a 93% positive response on Rotten Tomatoes, while it received 79 out of 100 on Metacritic. Apart from that, the series became the most watched TV drama in 2018. It even broke records when 17.1 million viewers watched the show. So, since it’s the blockbuster hit, there’s a chance Bodyguard will return for the second season.

Bodyguard Season 2: Who’s Returning?

Bodyguard season 2

Since Richard Madden’s David Budd survived at the end of the first season, we expect Madden to return. Other potential returnees include Sophie Rundle as Vicky Budd, Gina McKee as Cmdr Anne Sampson and Paul Ready as Rob MacDonald. Nina Toussaint-White as DS Louise Rayburn could also return with Ash Tandon as DCI Deepak Sharma. Additionally, Vincent Franklin may return as Mike Travis with Richard Riddell as Tom Fenton and Michael Schaeffer as Richard Longcross.

Aside from them, Matt Stokoe as Luke Aiken will join David Westhead as John Vosler and Stuart Bowman as Stephen Hunter-Dunn. Stephanie Hyam as Chanel Dyson will also join Nicholas Gleaves as Roger Penhaligon and Pippa Haywood as Chief Superintendent Lorraine Craddock.

Has production started?

Bodyguard season 2

At this point, BBC One has not yet announced the future of the show. The network has not greenlit the show. But given the viewership, we can expect the network to reveal its decision soon. Speaking of the production status, the series is currently in the development phase according to the source. It further hints that Bodyguard season 2 is in the offing.

Bodyguard Season 2: What Happens Next?

Bodyguard Season

In the finale of the first season, Luke Aitkens and his henchmen murdered Julia Montague to prevent her from becoming Prime Minister. However, he was jailed along with Lorraine Craddock, a bent buyer who sold Julia’s routes. Furthermore, the future train bomber Nadia will work on her terrorist cohorts to build more bombs for the future. Julia’s death left David hopeless and he sought help for his mental problems. So when the show returns for its second run, it’s bound to explore some loose ends.

Publication date

At this point, BBC One has yet to decide on the show’s future. Since the show is currently in its development phase, we can expect the show to go into production soon in the summer of 2022. So Bodyguard Season 2 will return sometime in early 2023. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you informed.


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