Saturday, September 23, 2023

Rescue operation may end in Turkey today, bodies of more than 46 thousand people have been found – Turkey Syria earthquake deaths top 46000 rescue efforts may end tonight ntc

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Twelve days have passed since the devastating earthquake in Turkey. Including Syria and Turkey, the dead bodies of more than 46 thousand people have been recovered so far. There is a pile of dead bodies all over the country. Meanwhile, information is now coming out that different teams involved in the rescue operation may call off the operation tonight.

Actually, today is the 13th day of the earthquake that occurred on 6th February. As the days are progressing, in the same way, the hopes of getting the people buried under the debris alive are also decreasing. On removing most of the debris, the members of the rescue team are seeing only a pile of dead bodies. However, there is every possibility of increasing the number of dead. It is being told that more than 3 lakh apartments in Turkey have been destroyed in the earthquake.

Yunus Sezer, head of Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, has said that the search and rescue efforts will be largely over on Sunday night. Because now the chances of people getting alive have become very less. The death toll in Turkey from the earthquake is 40,402, while more than 5,800 people have died in neighboring Syria.

After the earthquake in Turkey, many respiratory diseases are also coming to the fore. Turkey’s Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said that there has been an increase in intestinal and upper respiratory infections, but the number of patients has not yet reached critical condition. On 18 February, rescuers from Kyrgyzstan pulled a Syrian family of five from the rubble of a building in the city of Antakya. In this, 3 people including a child were alive. However, 2 people died due to dehydration.

Let us tell you that the tremors of earthquake were felt in Turkey on 6 February. The first jolt came at 4.17 am. Its intensity on the Richter scale was 7.8 magnitude. The epicenter of the earthquake was Gaziantep in southern Turkey. Before people could recover from it, another earthquake occurred shortly after, its intensity on the Richter scale was 6.4 magnitude. This period of earthquake tremors did not stop here. After this there was another shock of 6.5 magnitude.

These tremors caused havoc in 11 provinces including Malatya, Sanliurfa, Osmaniye and Diyarbakir. At 4 o’clock in the evening, there was another shock of the earthquake. This shock caused the most devastation. Just one and a half hours after this, at 5.30 in the evening, there was the fifth tremor of the earthquake.

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