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Revealed Hidden Truth About ‘Storage Wars’ Star Darrell Sheets

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Darrel Sheets is an iconic name in the world of reality TV stars. He is known for his performance on the show “Storage Wars”, which premiered in 2010 and airs on the A&E Network. Sheets made some of the show’s most notable discoveries, from Picasso drawings to a horrifying human corpse. The fame he has gained as a result of the show has earned him a sizable online following and a steady fan base. Nicknamed “The Gambler,” Darrell appeared on the show as an auctioneer and treasure hunter alongside his son Brandon Sheets, a budding opportunist like his father. Lately, he’s been in the spotlight for a very different reason, which is his dramatic weight loss and the complete transformation of his body image.

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Early life and family

Darrel Sheets wax born on May 13, 1958 in California, USA. His family moved to Covina, in Los Angeles County, California. The move wasn’t exactly a huge one, and would serve him well in the end as “Storage Wars” would be set in California. He didn’t tell much about his childhood, but as you might guess, he was an avid treasure hunter from an early age. He has had incredible luck and innovation in transforming his childhood hobbies into a rewarding career.


Since there is no official training for auctioneer and treasure hunter, it can be assumed that Sheets has attained his prowess in the industry through experience and practice.

He’s been involved in the industry for so long that he’s probably had a fair share of failures, but those have served as stepping stones to his success.



Darrell Sheets first discovered his fascination with abandoned storage areas when he was still young 20’s. In California, the law states that if a storage unit is three months behind on rent, the contents can be auctioned. This is a bit more of a gamble than it seems at first glance – firstly, the entire contents of the storage space are auctioned off together, so no, you can’t take the paintings and leave the pincushions behind. Second, potential bidders aren’t given much time – five minutes – or the best vantage point – from the doorway – to view the contents of the storage unit, then the auction begins.

Darrell Sheets

The whole process requires that you are not only smart, but you are also willing to take the risks that could end up losing a few thousand dollars and ending up with nothing more than a collection of old junk. During this time, Sheets made some incredible discoveries, including four paintings by Pablo Picasso (an Analytical Cubist artist from Spain), an original letter from Abraham Lincoln, and a comic book collection that sold for an incredible amount of money. The industry isn’t always optimistic, though, and in 1988 Darrell found perhaps the most disturbing item of his entire career: a human corpse, later determined to be that of a woman murdered by her husband, wrapped in plastic and left in the storage room.

It is also not uncommon to uncover urns in the units.

“Storage Wars”

His prolific success became somewhat famous in treasure hunt circles, and Darrell Sheets was invited to star on the A&E Network’s new show “Storage Wars.” The series would follow the careers of storage space bidders like him, cataloging their discoveries and earning them international recognition. The show premiered in 2010, when Sheets had been in the industry for thirty years. Sheets becomes a popular figure on the show, building affection in the viewer through his eccentric mannerisms and endearing propensity for malapropisms.

One of his most Impressive Finds was a collection of art by Mexican artist Frank Gutierrez, which was valued at the startling total of $300,000. Compared to the cargo he found in that storage room, he paid only the paltry $3,600. For a time, his son Brandon Sheets appeared as his partner on the series, but was eventually removed from the cast after the show had to go through a series of cuts.

Private life

Marriage and relationship

Darrell Sheets has been involved in several proportionsas well as a failed marriage. Sheets’ first marriage was to a woman whose name has not been disclosed, but they had two children together, including Brandon Sheets. The two divorced and moved on in life.

In 2012, Darrell was driving in California when he saw a beautiful girl in an adjacent lane through her car window. The two exchanged looks, which might have been lost if Sheets hadn’t written down his number and kept it outside his window. The girl, who turned out to be real estate agent Kimber Wuerfel, called him and the two began dating. In fact, Darrell is rumored to have adopted her two children, stating that they have four grandchildren together. However, the relationship did not last and Sheets and Wuerfel broke up in 2016.

In December of the same year, Darrell announced his engagement to Romney Snyder, leading some to speculate that the two had been having an affair, and this is what ruined his relationship with Kimber.

Came across Darrell Sheets and his wife, from Storage Wars, buying up Havasu treasures today… 🙂

Posted by Rick Powell On Saturday 21 October 2017

Romney Snyder worked at HiCaliber Horse Rescue, an organization that rescues horses from cruel owners and slaughter auctions. In an ironic twist of fate, the rescue organization has been under investigation since 2018 for fraud, inappropriate veterinary practices and for the animal cruelty they claim to abhor.

weight loss

The well-known reality show figure underwent an impressive transformation in 2014. Having suffered a mild heartache after being ill for nearly three months, Sheets realized he had to take drastic measures and fight his health problems. With the support of his then partner, Kimber, Darrell took part in Nutrisystem, a healthy eating and dieting regimen. He also started exercising, integrating an exercise routine into his daily life.

Sheets subsequently lost a whopping 53 kg and now has a completely new physique. sheets explained that he could physically feel the toll his unhealthy lifestyle was taking on him: “My joints hurt. My body ached.” and “I had to get away from eating cheeseburgers and making bad decisions on set.”


Darrell Sheets is 1.77m (1.77m) and weighs just 90kg due to his recent weight transformation, an impressive improvement over his previous 143kg. Sheets has several tattoos on both upper arms. He has an orange and white mustache and beard, and appears to have blue eyes and hair that is a little carrot in color.

Net worth and salary

Though he is no longer involved in the auction and bidding industry, he had already built up quite a fortune. Complementing this was his income from the “Storage Wars” show, which can reportedly bring in an impressive $25,000. As mentioned, during his career he made large sums of money from various treasures – he discovered an art collection worth $300,000, and an original letter from Abraham Lincoln, which sold for $15,000. This doesn’t even take into account other gems he found, such as Picasso paintings and the comic book collection that sold for $90,000. His current net worth is estimated at a whopping $6 million.

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