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Roblox and Parsons School of Design create a digital fashion course

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Parsons School of Design students will soon be able to take a Roblox course as part of their studies.

The class will “explore the intricate relationship between digital and physical fashion in an immersive future” and teach Parsons students how to create 3D digital fashion using Roblox tools. Though led by the faculty at Parsons, it was created in collaboration with the gaming giant, with Roblox representatives in marketing, creative and education working alongside Parsons.

Designing and dressing a digital avatar is a big part of playing Roblox games. In the avatar store, players can buy everything from sneakers to designer dresses to outfit, sometimes even scold, their in-game selves thousands of real dollars to buy digital items. What an avatar wears can consist of self-expression and status signaling – just like dressing up IRL is.

In the new Roblox course, Parsons students will research and prototype digital and physical clothing, ultimately resulting in selling items at Parsons and on the Roblox marketplace.

Teaching design students how to use Roblox tools formalizes an important part of the platform: Roblox experiences are user-generated, meaning games, clothing and other items are created by independent developers and studios. The people who make Roblox games and items range from breakout success stories make seven digits on Roblox for young hobbyists who ultimately never make a profit – but both benefit the company, keeping players engaged through an endless stream of ‘experiences’.

The Parsons course will run for 16 weeks starting in the spring semester 2023 and was announced along with a metaverse fashion report produced by Roblox and Parsons.

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