Sadhvi Prachi furious over Swara Bhaskar’s marriage with Fahad, said- like Shraddha will get 35 pieces, divorce will happen soon

Ever since Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar married the love of her life in court, Fahad Ahmed, she has been the target of many. BJP leader Sadhvi Prachi has targeted Fahad and Swara’s inter-religion marriage. He said for Swara, either she will return home soon or her condition will be like Shraddha. They will be found in the suitcase or fridge.

What did Sadhvi Prachi say to Swara?

Sadhvi Prachi targeted those girls who converted to another religion and got married. In Bareilly, Sadhvi Prachi targeted Swara while interacting with the media. He said- Even before Swara Bhaskar, the notes were different. The one who has married should remember that fridge of Shraddha. In which 35 pieces were found. Now there is a girl named Nikki, this incident has also happened with her. No matter how many girls go astray, but I feel sad. Either it goes in a suitcase or it is found in a sack or in the fridge. 35 pieces of it are available. Information about Swara Bhaskar will also come soon. Divorce information will come soon.

Swara will do grand wedding in March

Swara Bhaskar has not yet reacted to Sadhvi Prachi’s statement. Different reactions are being seen across the country on Swara’s marriage. The actress is preparing for her grand wedding away from this debate. After court marriage with Fahad, the actress is going to have a traditional wedding in March. Fans are fully excited to see Manswara dressed as a bride.

How was the meeting with Fahad?

Swara met Fahad during a protest in 2019. Then they became friends and now both have got married in court. Swara had shared the news of her marriage on social media. Fans were surprised to see this post of the actress. Fahad is the leader of the Samajwadi Party. He is the State President of Maharashtra SP Youth Committee. He met Swara during the CAA NRCC movement. Fahad’s father Jarrar Ahmed is associated with the Congress.

Input – Rrishan Gopal Raj

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