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Safe Season 2 Netflix Crime Drama Renewed or Cancelled?, And What We Know So Far

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Safe Season 2 Updates: There is no such thing as a “safe” neighborhood, especially when it is populated by affluent folks who are hiding secrets. On May 10, Netflix will release the British crime drama Safe, which will investigate the dark side of suburbia life.

The show appears to have all of the necessary ingredients for success, including a prolific creator and strong actors. Safe is unlikely to return for Season 2 regardless of how well it is accepted.

Harlan Coben, the New York Times bestselling crime author famed for devising tales full of murder and shocking turns, is the creator of Safe. Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Amanda Abbington (Sherlock) star in the series.

All of these components should attract the interest of criminal thriller aficionados, but that doesn’t imply the series has a bright future ahead of it. Hall confirmed the show is a miniseries in a recent interview with Digital Spy, so the drama will be finished up in one season.

All About Safe Season 2

Safe is about a widower named Tom Delaney (Hall) who is raising his two teenage kids following his wife Rachel’s death, according to the Netflix synopsis. He’s still dealing with guilt over his wife’s death, but he’s trying to move on in a new relationship.

Until his oldest daughter Jenny goes missing after attending a raucous teen party, the surgeon feels his upper-class, gated enclave is a safe sanctuary. According to Variety, the streaming service collaborated on the show with Canal+, a French cable TV channel.

Safe Season 2 Trailer

Tom is seen in the official trailer retracing his daughter’s movements to figure out where she is now. As a local police officer named Sophie (Abbington) points out, nine out of ten disappearances are linked to “someone you know,” the neighbors he used to trust are suddenly appearing suspicious.

Sophie claims that the case doesn’t match up and that her job has taught her a valuable lesson about people: “One thing you learn in my position… no one knows anyone.” “Not at all.”

In the previously mentioned Digital Spy interview, Hall discussed his character, Tom, revealing that he is plagued by “unacknowledged, nasty feelings” as a result of his wife’s death and has sought refuge in the gated enclave to isolate himself from the outside world. However, everyone inside those gates is hiding their own dark secrets and putting on airs to keep their falsehoods hidden.

“I was immediately hooked in,” he said of the Safe pilot script to Variety. “I had a feeling of how intricate the character was.” I also found my jaw-dropping three times while reading the first episode because of the revelations.”

Despite the fact that Safe is just eight episodes long in total, Hall is entirely content with the story’s predetermined conclusion. With both Dexter and Six Feet Under, he had extensive runs on television, but he admitted to Digital Spy that it wasn’t easy to commit to a series indefinitely. He stated, ”

“I think it’s simpler to implement anything that’s not an open-ended commitment at this point.” I wouldn’t rule it out [doing it again], especially since I did a five-year series followed by an 8 series… I would not really rule it out [doing that], but in this case, it was five months of effort followed by… moving on.”

Although Safe does not yet have an official Twitter account, Coben has been promoting the show on his own timeline. He warned his followers to expect a stunning conclusion and posted an excerpt from a review in which he said the show had an “excellent cast, sleek storyline.”

Over the course of these eight episodes, the mystery surrounding Jenny’s disappearance will be solved. However, if the creative team’s predictions of a crazy ride come true, a lot of tea will be spilled about Tom’s neighbors.

Who will make it out alive? Will Tom discover his daughter alive or dead? Is it possible that Tom has a few secrets of his own? By the end of Safe’s short run, fans should know everything.

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