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Scientist predicted Afghanistan earthquake on YouTube a day before – how frank hoogerbeets earthquake predictions come true tstr

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A 6.6 magnitude earthquake occurred 40 km away from Jurm town in Afghanistan. The epicenter was at a depth of 187.6 km underground under the Hindu Kush mountains. Due to this earthquake, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, China, India, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan were shaken. It is surprising and worth noting that an earthquake is going to occur in Afghanistan, it was predicted 24 hours ago by Netherlands researcher Frank Hoogerbeets.

Earlier Hugarbeats had also predicted the earthquake in Turkey. A few days later there was a terrible devastation. Well… Frank Huggerbeats put up a video on his YouTube page SSGEOS. You can watch that video here below.

Frank Huggerbeats said in his video that there is a possibility that strong earthquakes may occur around the 22nd. He told by marking different parts of the earth. Frank calculates earthquakes on the basis of the changing position of the moon and its conjunction with other planets. Along with this, after studying the effects on the earth’s atmosphere, effects on the magnetic field, etc., by changing the position of these planets, they make predictions.

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This is how Frank predicts earthquakes

Now people are wondering how Frank Huggerbeats’ predictions turn out to be almost correct every time. In the video, Frank talks about the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that hit Kermadec Island on March 16. Apart from this, let’s talk about the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Ecuador on 18 March. Frank says that he has calculated this by making an SSGI graph based on the geometry of the planets and the lunar peaks.

Frank Hoogerbeets
Frank predicts earthquakes with the help of SSGI graphs. (Videograb: YouTube)

Calculation from the geometry of the planets and the size of the moon

At this time there is a conjunction of Sun-Mercury-Jupiter. Along with this, the shape of the moon has also changed on March 21 itself. Frank told in the video that in such a situation, an earthquake between 6 to 6.9 can occur in different places of the world. There is a possibility that more will come on 22 March.

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Can earthquakes be predicted?

Now the question arises whether earthquake can be predicted. So there is a saying among seismologists that if ever the Nobel Prize in Geology is given, it will go to the scientist who predicts the earthquake. It is very difficult to predict an earthquake. There are many ways by which an alert can be issued a few seconds before the earthquake, but it is not enough. In future, it is possible that with the help of Artificial Intelligence, correct and accurate predictions can be made.

Frank Hoogerbeets

SSGEOS Institute does research

SSGEOS is a research institute based in the Netherlands, where Frank works. He has done a lot of research in predicting earthquakes. Many types of software have been released. Like- Soulpage and SSGI. The way of working of Soulpage is also related to the position of planets, conjunction etc. The SSGI algorithm will be integrated with SoulPage over a period of time. So that more accurate predictions can be made.

There is no scientific way to predict earthquakes, but Huggerbeats claim that they can tell when an earthquake will occur on Earth by looking at the positions of the planets. Frank’s software SSGI predicts the occurrence of earthquakes by taking data from the positions of the planets. The graph shows. This shows where how big and powerful an earthquake can occur.

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