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Scott Helps a Mafia’s Daughter “End of the Day; Anything Can Happen”!

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In the previous episode of Chicago Med Season 7, Scott, who thought he could handle the relationship between him and Milena, failed. And the couple parted ways. Meanwhile, in the upcoming Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20, Choi will have to deal with unexpected news about her father.

What to Expect From Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20?

The upcoming episode on Chicago Med is titled ‘End of the Day; Everything can happen’. While fans wait for the next episode, the promo for Chicago Season 7 Episode 20. The teaser shows a distraught grandmother seeking help in the hospital with her sick grandchild. dr. Crockett Marcel is also seen discussing the child’s treatment options, including a liver transplant. This episode will undoubtedly cover several people and medical cases.

On the other hand, the synopsis for the episode is here. It says Scott helps a mob boss’s daughter; a grandmother desperately comes to Med to save her grandson. Choi also grapples with shocking news about his father. Halstead and Taylor care for Maggie’s high school classmate.

What happened in the last episode?

The previous seventeenth episode of Chicago Med Season 7 was titled Like a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes. In the episode we saw, Scott claims he can handle the relationship between him and Milena. But his actions could match his words. He found himself constantly checking his surroundings for possible threats, and he had become more fearful than the real cop. Scott was wide awake. He was constantly worried. His relationship with Milena and his fear of her pushed him to the limit.

Meanwhile, doctors at the hospital found a man in urgent need of help. His name was Luis Pena, and he was a protester. He passed out in front of the mayor’s house while resisting the mayor’s decision to move a chemical plant from a wealthy neighborhood to his poor neighborhood. The mayor overesaw the dangerous consequences the chemical plant could have for the people who live there, as the Greyland Recycling did not follow the rules. Luis did everything in his power to draw attention to the case with his hunger strike.

At the end of the episode, Scott decided to end business with Milena. Although he hadn’t informed his father about the reality about Milena, he had challenged him to see a drug dealer. He realized it was too dangerous to date her. Choi also discovered information about his father. The knowledge was not just any knowledge. He had been in love with Choi’s father for years, but because of the times, they couldn’t come out.

When and where to watch Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20?

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20

It’s been about three weeks since the last episode of Chicago Med Season 7 premiered. Since then, the show has been paused mid-season, but now the fan wait is coming to an end as the Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 20 premieres on Mat 11. Fans who wish to watch the episode can watch the broadcast at 8 p.m. EST on the NBC network. In addition, the episode will also be available for streaming on Hulu and Peacock.

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