Scott McGillivray Net Worth 2022: Is Scott Still Married?

Scott McGillivray is a successful Canadian businessman, investor, television broadcaster, author and educator. He was born on April 7, 1978 in Canada.

Income Property is a home improvement show that can be seen on HGTV Canada and the DIY Network (Canada); as well as HGTV and DIY Network in the United States. McGillivray is the host of the show and the executive producer of the show.

Along with Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler and Paul Lafrance, he serves as a judge on HGTV’s All American Handyman with Mike Holmes and Canada’s Handyman Challenge. He is also a judge on both shows.


McGillivray obtained an honors degree in commerce from the University of Guelph in the year 2001 after completing his studies there. What started as a school project related to income property evolved into a business strategy that he would eventually put into practice himself. McGillivray bought and remodeled his first rental home when he was 21 years old using student loans.

By the time he was 23 years old, he had five rental properties. In 2004, he completed the requirements to become a licensed contractor so he could oversee his own teams. He currently owns hundreds of rental properties across the United States and Canada.

Scott McGillivray net worth

Since 2008, McGillivray has hosted HGTV both in the United States and Canada. He has appeared in over 400 episodes of television, although he is perhaps best recognized for his work on the HGTV programs Income Property, Moving the McGillivrays, and Buyers Bootcamp.

The fourth season of his Canadian Screen Award-nominated digital series Scott’s House Call is now in pre-production.

McGillivray is the Chief Executive Officer of both McGillivray Group and McGillivray Entertainment. He is also the co-founder of Keyspire, an educational company that teaches people how to invest in real estate, and he invests in real estate throughout North America.


Private life

Scott McGillivray net worth

The city of Toronto, in the province of Ontario, is where McGillivray spent his childhood. He has two children with his wife, Sabrina McGillivray, whom he married.

The family has homes in both Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Fort Myers, Florida. Erin, his younger sister, is his only sibling, and he has an older brother named Andrew who also works with him.

Scott McGillivray’s Net Worth

Scott McGillivray is a Canadian real estate investor who has a net worth of $4 million dollars. He is also known as “Scott McGillivray.” Scott McGillivray is a Canadian born in Toronto, Ontario.

He attended the University of Guelph where he obtained a degree in Marketing Management. Shortly after graduation, he enrolled in carpentry training, and his first television appearance was on the show “From the Ground Up with Debbie Travis.”

He is currently the anchor of ‘Income Property’, a famous television show that focuses on home and garden topics.

Each episode of the program, currently in its fourth season, focuses on helping another family better manage their monthly mortgage payments by planning and building a rental unit attached to their existing home.

In addition, you can see him as a co-host of the show “All American Handyman”, and he also serves as a judge on the series “Canada’s Handyman Challenge”, a home renovation competition series in Canada.

He and his wife first became parents in January 2012 and currently reside in Brampton, Ontario. At the time of writing, they have two children.

Television series

Scott McGillivray net worth

In HGTV Canada’s Income Property, McGillivray teams up with homeowners to turn part of their home into a money machine to help them pay off their mortgage.

His goal is to help homeowners in every episode turn their homes into legal rental properties. Renovations and final results are shown to viewers.

After debuting in 2009, the program reached the milestone of airing its 100th episode in 2013.

In 2013, Income Property went from a half-hour show to a full-hour show. As of 2014, the show has reverted to a half-hour running timeslot.

As part of the half-hour format, McGillivray is helping homeowners renovate their current homes to make a profit by re-renting them.

Within the framework of a full hour, he advises clients on the purchase and subsequent renovation of real estate, including the creation of successful rental units.

It is possible to watch the full-hour broadcast as part of a series of themed seasons that, in addition to the usual non-themed seasons, have focused on specific types of rental properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scott McGillivray Still Married?

McGillivray grew up in Toronto, Ontario, where he attended school. Sabrina McGillivray, with whom he has two children, is his wife. Their time is split between Toronto, Canada, and Fort Myers, Florida, where they have homes.

What happened to Scott McGillivray?

His own online series Scott’s House Call, in which he helps fans in exchange for home-cooked meals, has entered its fourth season thanks to a recent partnership with a Canadian bank that has kept McGillivray busy (think Dijon salmon, moussaka, and hamburger cupcakes).


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