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Season 2 of Cod- Vanguard Is Premiering Soon in 2022; What Are the New Updates?

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The first-ever Call of Duty was released back in 2003 and in the last 18 years, Activision has released so many different iterations of this hugely popular World War II game.

The latest addition to the card was the Call of Duty: Vanguard era Season 1 which launched in 2021 December.

Ever since Activision released season 1 of Vanguard, they have been preparing to reveal the COD Vanguard Season 2.

A lot is expected from the new season as the Festive Fervor holiday update in 2021 didn’t earn a good reputation among the fans of COD. It was bad and with Vanguard Season 2, Activision is expected to turn the tables around.

COD Vanguard Season 2 Release Date

The news about season 2 was revealed by Activision on 19th January but their recent updates suggest there will be a delay of at least 12 days. It was pre-decided Call of Duty Season 2 will go live on February 2, 2022, but with the recent delays, it’s finalized on February 14, 2022. 

Both Vanguard and Warzone Pacific’s Season 2 have been delayed and the developers are promising to utilize this time to include quality of life updates to the game. With these 12 days delays, the developers are going to fix multiple issues that otherwise would have failed to impress the eager fans of the gaming community.

According to Activision, “more needs to be done” to the game to deliver the finest experience. They are looking into doing “gameplay optimizations, game balancing, game stability. And bug fixes to assure an overall degree of polish.” 

The fans of COD are waiting for the new trailer for Season 2. There has not been any official news surrounding the trailer launch but looking at the history, we can predict the trailer to be released as we get closer to the premiere of Season 2.

Previously, when Activision launched Season 1 on 9th December, they released the trailer only on 8th December. If they follow the same trend, the trailer for season 2 will be released on February 13, 2022.

COD Vanguard Season 2 Modes Update

In the Call of Duty Vanguard Season 2, exciting updates can be expected from the Multiplayer mode. It is not official yet but we can expect Activision to launch the Ranked Play mode in season 2.

In a recent announcement from Daniel Tsay, the general manager of Call of Duty League, he said “We’re all very excited about the future of Ranked Play here and can’t wait to share more details as we get closer to its release.”

The news about Ranked Play was tweeted by Treyarch in 2021 when he released the news of a collaboration with Sledgehammer Games. With the Ranked Play in Vanguard we will be able to see, “competitive modes, ranked ski divisions, and visible skill ratings.”

As Activision releases the Season 2 roadmap, fans will get a clear idea about the operations, weapons, and map upgrades.

COD Vanguard Season 2 Gameplay

For fans who follow the blogs of Treyarch, they might have seen one particular blog where news about the updates to Zombies was released. Players can expect a new hub map that will allow playing on different areas along with a new location inside the Dark Aether.

There will be more exciting additions to the zombies like Wonder Weapons, Easter Egg quests, a new Dark Aether entity, a new enemy, new objectives, and more survival gameplay. 

One thing that the fans are waiting for eagerly is the pause feature in Zombies. Although the Pause feature is what the fans want right now, there is no certainty that it will be released with Call of Duty Vanguard Season 2. Treyarch did address this query and mentioned that the Pause feature will be included in an upcoming update.

Good news for the fans of Call of Duty who play on PlayStation. Microsoft is acquiring Activision soon and fans are sceptical whether they will be able to continue playing COD on PlayStation. Phil Spencer from Xbox announced that they plan on keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation even after Microsoft takeover Activision.


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