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Security bollards: types, uses and benefits

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Bolder is a well-known term in today’s life. They are used to ensure the safety and security of both vehicle and foot traffic. Bollards are mainly used as traffic management and control tools. It is used in high traffic areas to regulate and manage traffic.

Simply defined, a bollard is a short, vertical, rigid post that is placed to provide a nuisance and to prohibit outsiders from entering a particular building or area. With the advent of vehicle technology, the need to manage them on the road also becomes a concern that gave rise to the concept of placing bollards along roadsides. They are also used for many other purposes.

Types of bollards and their use

Bollards are available in different styles, designs and materials because they are used for many different purposes. We see poles placed all around us. They are located along roadsides, outside parking lots, at storefronts, in driveways, and in many other locations. However, they are all different from each other and serve different purposes. Let’s look at several types of bollards and how they are used at different locations.

1. Removable bollards

Detachable bollards, as the name suggests, are the type of bollards used for removable purposes. They are not fixed in the ground and are somewhat removable. They are also not heavy but light in size. They can be easily removed and placed elsewhere when not in use.

They are very useful in the scenario where you just want to authorize custom access. These bollards are also known as flexible bollards as they provide the owner with flexibility in selecting who to grant access to. They are usually used on private property. They are also used in places where you want to limit the unauthorized parking of vehicles.

2. Retractable bollards

Retractable bollards are also known as automatic bollards. They function according to the needs and requirements of the user. They retract from the ground when you want to prevent the vehicles from entering a certain place and go into the ground when they are not needed. They are operated using a remote control or a human-operated button. they are a very efficient option when it comes to controlling traffic as you can allow the vehicles you want and restrict the ones you don’t want to enter. They are available in both electric and hydraulic versions.

Retractable bollards are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. They are installed by digging lower into the ground. They require regular maintenance.

3. Decorative bollards

There are many types of bollards available that are used for decorative purposes. They are placed both on the side paths and in front of the buildings. They are customizable and can be designed in different colors and materials according to customer requirements. They can be designed in different ways to match the surrounding architecture.

Ornamental posts are placed where you want aesthetic appeal and safety is not an issue. That’s why they are made of lightweight material.

4. Construction bollards

Bollards are also used as a traffic warning sign. Construction piles are an example. They are placed on construction sites to warn traffic. Since these bollards have to be placed for a certain period of time, they are therefore temporary in nature and not made of heavy material.

Decorative posts are made of bright colors and have reflective tape placed on them. They also have a rubber base to stand firmly on the ground. They are placed close together to create a visual barrier to oncoming traffic.

Benefits of bollards

Bollards are undoubtedly a very useful product when it comes to handling, regulating and managing traffic. Some of the main benefits of bollards are listed below for a better understanding of these useful tools.

· Protect building components

One of the main advantages of bollards is that they can be used to protect various building components that are more susceptible to damage. For example, some buildings protect electricity or gas meters that are placed outside by using bollards around them. Likewise, buildings with glass fronts protect the facade against any kind of accidents by placing heavy steel bollards on the front.

· Protection of the asset

These bollards are used to prevent damage to the assets placed in a building. In a shop, for example, bollards are placed to protect refrigerated furniture, shelf elements, electronics, ATMs, etc. They are made of stainless steel or plastic.

Power protection posts are placed in the ground with anchor bolts. They are not very resistant to shock. The actual purpose of these bollards is to warn the customers or staff to keep a safe distance from the shelves, etc.

· Use for government buildings

Safety bollards are also placed outside government buildings to protect the building from outside or unauthorized access. Government buildings such as offices, museums, monuments, etc. are secured using bollards. These bollards are used to allow access only to authorized personnel.

Bollards used on government buildings can range from heavy steel bollards to illuminated decorative bollards. Heavy bollards are placed around sensitive buildings that are susceptible to terrorist attacks. Decorative lighted bollards can be installed to make the area well lit at night.

Final comments

Bollards are a very useful tool to provide safety and security not only for vehicular traffic but also for pedestrians. They are also useful for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of a particular place or building. Another good point is that bollards come in many different options so that the customers can choose the bollard that best suits their needs.

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