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Seller account with maximum protection from Maxpay

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A merchant account has a special meaning in the e-commerce system. It is the channel through which the consumer’s money is made available to the seller. Every money movement in the financial system carries some degree of risk. The more money a company manages, the better it is merchant account should be protected. Before opening an account for your business, research several options and ensure that the provider offers you not only a financial service, but also a wide range of protective measures.

Do I need to protect my seller account?

Should a business owner wait until problems arise with their online account to invoke its protection? An entrepreneur can be careless with his seller account:

beginners are too optimistic and hope there aren’t so many scammers around or they won’t notice their business

some merchants do not want to spend extra money on security measures for their eWallet and decide to install them only when problems arise with bank transfers

But the price of a mistake for business is high. Your future relationships with financial institutions depend on your past and present financial history. Banks also assess their risks by providing services to the company and therefore will not contact companies where other financial platforms have already suffered losses.

Open a business account with Maxpay – a High-Security Financial Service

maxpay offers to protect EU businesses with state-of-the-art anti-fraud solutions, such as:


Ethoca Alert Services

· Risk management software

· Anti-fraud tools

Open a merchant account on one of the most secure platforms. Accept payments from customers in EUR, USD and multiple other currencies without fear of fraudulent schemes. Maxpay doesn’t just protect you from pre-existing and widespread schemes for extorting money from a merchant’s online account. The company is constantly updating the software to always be one step ahead of the scammers.

Take advantage of multiple merchant accounts

Trading accounts, especially several, allow you to increase sales as it is the most convenient and affordable way to pay for goods. The more different payment methods you can offer your customers, the more likely they are to choose your business. It is essential if you are selling in other countries using popular local payment methods. However, not only your income depends on the reliability and security of an online account, but also on the security of the bank cards of your company’s customers.

Multiple Merchant Accounts Advantages: risks Avoiding or neutralizing risks?
Ability to accept payments from various sources directly on your company’s website Ability to scale your business No additional or hidden costs Detailed analytical reports Ability to customize all payment forms chargeback friendly fraud disputes with banks pure and unintentional fraud Chargeback TrackingKYC ProcedureTrustchainDevice Fingerprinting

By choosing a merchant account with reliable fraud protection, you create insurmountable barriers to fraudulent schemes. This means that the channels for receiving money in your eWallet are always clean and safe.

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